Ancient reliefs

Roman wall reliefs are a very special type of wall decoration. The busts and reliefs in the Roman Shop are mostly replicas made from alabaster plaster and patinated.

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Eye-catcher in relief

Ancient scenes of Roman schoolchildren, ladies doing their hair or even a phallus as a wall decoration carry messages of happiness, fertility and promise. A particularly beautiful relief is the sign of the inn "Zu den vier Schwestern"! Based on an original from the last quarter of the 1st century AD, this beautifully crafted relief replica of the Three Naked Graces is made from real alabaster plaster. Originally it served as an eye-catcher for the inn. But even today it is an extraordinary, artistic eye-catcher, lovingly designed to bring good luck all over the world!

The inscription 'Ad Sorores IIII' - 'To the Four Sisters' - indicates the secular function of this beautifully crafted relief. Two of the Graces represent beauty and gratitude. They spend time with Venus, the goddess of love. They help her dress and read her wishes from her lips. They dance with the Muses, her half-sisters, and entertain the gods of Olympus by accompanying Apollo's lyre. Every spring, the Graces return to Earth to watch nature awaken with their friends the Nymphs. Who wouldn't dream of it? Such a wall relief would look splendid in an antique living room or on a Mediterranean terrace... Called to the festivities, Thalia (prosperity) awakens the flowers and leaves to new life, Aglaia (splendour) provides the radiant light and Euphrosyne (joy) brings happiness to the world. An ornament, a lucky charm or simply jewellery for lovers of antiquity!

On these pages of the Roman Shop, you can browse through antique reliefs - lovingly crafted - and Roman wall reliefs in various materials and sizes, from massive to filigree, always decorative and linked to numerous stories and powerful statements.

Create your own relief - what a unique gift!

There is even a relief kit for children and for students of history, art or Latin - perhaps even religion... for imaginative self-design. Wouldn't that make the lesson, the birthday party or a rainy afternoon? Let yourself be surprised, fascinated and inspired on the pages of the Roman Shop!

Roman wall reliefs

A must for any lover of antiquity, but also for fans of artistic antique decoration. As wall or lunar calendars, they are also a highly decorative and enjoyable companion throughout the year.

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