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Would you like to make your lessons even more exciting ?

Great, then you are absolutely right here! For your lessons with the students you will find in the categories ROMANS, EGYPT, GREECE, CELTS and MIDDLE AGES the suitable teaching material for creative and instructive class lessons.

History lessons in schools

Teachers want to teach their students about the Romans or the Middle Ages without yawning. Let your students experience past eras firsthand by crafting historical artifacts together in schools. Make an ancient scroll or recreate a sphinx: These are small adventures for your students that will spark historical interest. The Roman Shop provides extensive teaching materials for teachers, all about crafting in the classrooms of their schools. Creative work does not have to happen only in art classes, but can also make history or Latin lessons more effective. The ideal context is a project week at schools, where handicrafts can be linked to broader activities. But even in a single lesson in class, effective results can be achieved! 

Historical themes for the teacher - schools

The teaching material for classes covers four subject areas: ancient Roman times, Egyptians, Greeks as well as Middle Ages. Depending on the time available to the desired demand: whether extensive such as mosaic sets or lighter such as bookmarks to color. In addition, we offer teachers ready-made teaching materials that can be used immediately to support handicrafts or to make lessons more effective without handicrafts.

Writing in the classroom

If teachers would like to teach students about historical writing, you will find a wide range of teaching materials, including Roman wax tablets, Egyptian papyrus, and medieval parchment. Matching these teaching materials, we offer various writing utensils such as styluses, quills even writing tubes. Even the medieval binder for ink, gummi arabicum, is not missing in the range of teaching materials for teachers and schools!

Creative learning with exciting teaching materials

Ideal for creative teaching in schools are especially bookmark sets, with which students can design their own bookmarks. The bookmarks are very sturdy and made of papyrus. The teaching material can be designed with all kinds of sayings and pictures. There are no limits to the creativity of teachers and students! If you would like to extend handmade artifacts or spice up the lessons without doing it yourself, you can use our already made products. Among them are Roman fragments or Egyptian bookmarks, for example. As a teacher, craft with students and bring antiquity and the Middle Ages to life in the classroom! Extensive teaching material, schools and teachers experience history anew. Teaching material for teachers, schools, students - exciting stories behind the history.

Teaching material school for teachers

The incorporation of teaching material in schools is child's play: the craft sets are complete, the means simple, the instructions precise yet uncomplicated. This guarantees you as a teacher hardly any additional effort, students are immediately enthusiastic. Teaching material is playfully linked with extensive knowledge.

Handicraft template - handicraft sheet - history close up

Craft sheets are a popular teaching material. The models impressively reflect the extensive scale of well-known buildings, but also include ships as well as equipment. They consist of colored handicraft sheets in DIN A4 format, also very easy to assemble. Great teacher / teacher plus: Due to detailed design, these look very real, which students particularly like.

Let their students become architects, rebuild an Egyptian temple or medieval castles. They can go on a voyage of discovery with the pharaoh's ship and recreate battles with legionary helmets. For increased clarity, segments of the Colosseum model can be removed to see the cross-section. Many craft sheets, such as the Roman helmet, do not require any glue. It couldn't be easier to do handicrafts in schools! In addition to craft sheets, our range includes craft sets from Roman mills to Greek scrolls to wax tablets of the Middle Ages. The sets are delivered in individual parts of course assembled by the students themselves. A haptic experience in the classroom!

Religion teaching material

Make history and religion lessons a real experience for your students! The lovingly and historically detailed historicals, handicraft figures made of sturdy cardboard, from the Roman store under the category teaching material religion make it possible to introduce students to the world of Roman gods and biblical figures in an exciting and imaginative way.

Religion & Bible

Let the students act out situations from the Bible with the authentic figures as a play and go on a journey of discovery with them into the breathtaking world of Roman gods! You'll see your students enjoy learning material you never thought you could reach them with!


Take your students on a search for traces of Roman faith in the Religion lesson material category! Ask yourself and the class: what did the Romans believe in? Did the Romans pray like we do?

Not so easy to find out after 2000 years! Here are some answers: An important part of Roman rituals were the signs of the gods. No Roman ever undertook a journey, concluded a business deal, or ordered a campaign before seeking advice from the world of the gods. The consultations of the gods, so-called auspices, were carried out by specialists, the augurs. They usually observed the flight of birds or read the signs of the gods in the entrails of sacrificed animals. The phenomena to be interpreted were the gods' approval or disapproval of the human endeavor.


And the Romans had a lot of gods! A whole pantheon full, that's what they called the Roman heaven of gods. Above them all stood Jupiter, the father of the gods, and Juno, his wife. In the great temples of the cities, the Romans paid homage to their state gods. The Romans also made their emperors divine figures who ascended to the pantheon after their deaths. It was a colorful world of gods back then and everyone could pay homage to their favorite gods. And how did the Romans propitiate their gods? The most important act was the sacrifice, the sacrificium. Offerings to the Roman gods came in all sizes: From precious incense to the hecatomb sacrifice: 100 killed bulls!

Here again the overview of teaching material history


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