Theme parties for children

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When the children's birthday becomes a gift

Every birthday is something special and especially for children it means a lot of excitement and joy. This includes a successful party where the children and especially the birthday child can have a lot of fun and spend time together. With a theme party for the children's birthday the day becomes an unforgettable experience. For girls or boys, regardless of age and number of guests, a theme party is the crowning glory of your child's day. Classic children's birthdays, where children play together and eat too much sweets, are already a special event, but a theme party is a gift for your birthday child and for all guests.

What makes a theme party so special?

The fun of a theme party starts with the planning and is individually designed for the wishes and preferences of your child. Here your birthday child will dive into another world together with the guests for a day or a few hours. Imagine your little explorer travelling into the jungle on his birthday. The distribution of the invitation cards will be the first exciting step, because not only guests will be invited, but they will also be taken on a journey into the jungle and experience a very special adventure. The decoration looks tropical, here and there a jungle animal is discovered and during an expedition a treasure map is even used to find a jungle treasure in which small jungle accessories for all guests are hidden. A little princess is especially looking forward to a tea party or a princess ball, because the invitations already glitter and sparkle and the whole decoration shines in the princess's favourite colour, royal music sounds, royal dance is invited and crowns are made together. The search for the owner of Cinderella's lost shoe is royal fun for all little princesses. Even older children will be thrilled when they are not invited to cake with pot strokes, but to a day of superheroes, where they show their strength and compare their magical talents in superhero games and the decoration fits to the colorful comic world. Detectives don't do a classic treasure hunt, but receive a magnifying glass in the invitation and solve a tricky case together at the theme party. Make the birthday of your child your child's motto.

Theme party with well-known characters:

Maybe your child has a very special hero who makes the little heart beat faster. At a children's birthday party your child is closer than ever before. The theme party is all about the well-known character and can be freely designed, starting with the matching decoration, the corresponding invitation cards, guest gifts, colorful Pinatas for the party and other games and unique gift ideas for the birthday child. Depending on the character, the selection is large and makes the theme party the best party of the year. Whether your child is already involved in the preparations and the joint selection becomes the first fun, or whether you are planning a surprise, the joy with your child will be huge and the eyes will shine and the cheeks will be red with excitement.

Themed parties:

For a day in the land of dreams, be somewhere else and discover something new. With a themed theme party you can immerse your child and the guests in a small fantasy world. Here the magic lies in the detail, in addition to the matching party accessories to the motto, the matching games bring a lot of fun, excitement or glitter into the birthday. The red thread runs through, here the invitation card fits to the motto and perhaps already lets something look into the children's birthday, whether a treasure hunt waits for little discoverers or a wild show for little tamers, your child will hardly be able to wait for the birthday and it will remain unforgettable for all.

Make the next birthday of your child the most beautiful birthday, with a theme party.