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Magnets that have it all

On these pages of the Roman Shop, under the heading Museum Shop and Gift Ideas, you will find magnets and coasters that can also be used as small wall pictures, with authentic antique motifs. The magnets with Roman decorations, for example, can be used both as coasters and as decorative wall pictures! They are definitely an unusual gift for all lovers of history and especially Roman antiquity.

In vino veritas

A magnet that speaks ancient words.
These Roman magnets, made from the finest marble, will add a touch of art to any fridge or board. The magnets are decorated with famous sayings from Roman times: In vino veritas, for example, or "Quo vadis?", "Errare humanum est" or even "The die is cast" - "Alea iacta est". "Carpe diem" is also a good way to start the day: "Live the day!" ... But take a look for yourself and see which motto suits you and the contents of your jar or fridge!

Perhaps: "He came, he saw and he conquered"?

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