Reenactment Necklaces & Earrings

Even after 2000 years, Roman jewelry is more than fashionabler, its forms and colours fascinate.

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925 Sterlin Silverwire is used to create our delicate necklaces, ring by ring, hand made and modelled according to antique originals. As the Romans, we add pearls and coloured glass blocks. The gems are simple, unobtrusive, but impress with their elegance. On a simple dress or a blouse collar, on a shirt with cut-out – you will discover the very special touch they give. The eyelets close with a filigree silver hook clasp. Red Ruby stones light up the necklaces, or green and purple coloured stone give a natural touch.


A very special design can be seen with the double loop necklace which is the reproduction of a finding of a gold chain from Pompeii. We can start dreaming of the sophistication and simplicity of those times. Green aventurine beads give shine and freshwater pearls make them a unique piece of jewelry, they will suit extraordinary occasions. Our lunula pendant is typical for the time after the 1st century A.D. Each link is individually soldered and makes our products top-class jewelry. The elegant and filigree crescent pendant is second to none. As a symbol of the goddess Luna, the divine power will fend off disaster and stands for sensuality, creativity and intuition. The original can be seen in the National Museum of Naples, Italy.

Happiness and timeless fashion

Pendants were favourites of Roman women and men. Whether on a silver or gold chain or even on a simple leather strap, Mars, Luna, Pelta, the symbolic ornament pendants were worn on all occasions. The apple in a hand indicated female beauty. Beautifully crafted is the filigree pendant modelled according to a provincial Roman precious metalwork piece. This ancient craftmanship displays happiness and is part of timeless fashion.

Necklaces and Earrings

In particular necklaces have a long tradition, they are usually accompanied by matching earrings. Discreet, often very delicate, these necklaces were very popular with Roman women. One of our highlights is made according to an archaeological find from southern Russia dating to the 1st or 2nd century A.D. Like this one, all our jewelry are hand made in Germany in support of a charity organisation. So you not only get a fantastic, unique product – you also support a local charity.