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The fascination of Roman jewellery has not diminished in today's fashion consciousness, even after 2000 years.

Discreet, elegant accents

925 sterling silver wire links are formed into eyelets for the delicate link chains, which are strung with alternating pearls and coloured glass stones. Simple and unobtrusive, but with a powerful statement, these necklaces adorned the necks of Roman women. On a simple dress, in the collar of a blouse or on a shirt with a neckline, they add a very special touch. The ring eyes close with a filigree silver hook clasp. Red stones give the necklaces the sparkle of rubies, while green or purple stones add a touch of colour.

Lunula for sensuality

This double-loop necklace is inspired by a gold chain found in Pompeii. It is both sophisticated and simple. Aventurine beads add sparkle and freshwater pearls make it a piece that will complement any outfit or occasion. The lunula pendant is typical of the period after the 1st century AD. Each link of the chain is individually soldered, adding a touch of class to the jewellery. The beautifully shaped and filigree Crescent Moon pendant is also unique. A symbol of the goddess Luna, the pendant wards off evil and represents sensuality, creativity and intuition. The original can be seen in the National Museum in Naples.

Good luck and timeless fashion in the pendant

Pendants were also popular with the Romans. Whether on a silver or gold chain, or even on a simple leather strap, mars, luna, pelta or ornamental pendants were worn on all occasions - and as lucky charms, of course! The apple in the hand, for example, signified feminine beauty. But the filigree pendants, inspired by the art of Roman provincial goldsmiths, were also beautifully crafted. The beauty and simplicity of the necklaces, pendants and earrings inspire a sense of fashion rooted in ancient tradition, yet utterly modern and timeless.

Necklaces and earrings

Necklaces in particular have a long tradition, usually accompanied by matching earrings. Discreet, very delicate link necklaces were very popular with Roman women. According to a find from southern Russia dating from the 1st/2nd century AD, the original link necklaces were handmade by goldsmiths in Germany. They invite you to shop for jewellery in the necklaces and earrings section.

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