Behind the scenes

A dream come true!

We dont make a secret out of it: we love and live history.

And much more! Because we are equally fascinated and inspired by the STORIES behind the history!

So in the year 2000, under the name Forum Traiani, we began to make small pieces of work from Roman times and offer them at museum events. A wax tablet, dioramas, round mill games and much more were our first product line of the Roman Shop.
It didn't stay that way for long! The interest in tangible history, the curiosity, the fun of discovering and creating new things still drive us today.
In 2023, the Roman Shop carries well over 2000 items from the ancient world. In every historical work that is brought to life anew by our hands, there is our pride and our lifeblood

We love what we do and would like to share that with you.

And not only with you. We also support schools and museums with our label, Forum Traiani, in exhibitions and school projects.
The cooperation with social institutions and recyclable packaging are also a big concern for us. Most of our packaging material is made of paper and cardboard boxes get a "second life" by being reused. With each individual product we try to contribute to the preservation of our valuable and unique culture

Manuela Priess

Hairstylist & the woman behind the service at Römershop
Specialty: Roman hairstyles in the form of wearable wigs , exhibited and accompanied with lectures in named European museums such as. Landesmuseum in Bolzano, Winkelmann Museum Stendal, Villa Borg in Perl/Borg, museums in Luxembourg, Belgium and the Netherlands.

Andreas Hopson

Commercial Director & the head and heart of the Roman Shop
Specialty: craft techniques of ancient mosaicists and everything around the online shops
Member Deutscher-Archäologen-Verband e.V.,
West and South German Association for Archaeology,
Phoenix Pompeji e.V. in cooperation with the Soprintendenza Naples, Italy

In September 1999, our paths crossed in THE city of antiquity.... in Rome!
Since then we have been working side by side to bring Roman history to life for young and old.
With the founding of the brand "Forum Traiani" and the first Roman "online - stores" in 2000 our journey through time began.
Until 2014, we actively participated in numerous Roman museum events in the area of Roman everyday life. Here the focus was on participatory activities on the theme of children's Roman dressing, making mosaics and tying flower wreaths.

To date, our heads are full of new product ideas all still waiting to become a part of the Roman shop.