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Wax Tablets & Stylus

Antique wax tablets & writing pens

Antique writing tablets... what an extraordinary writing experience! The stylus in your hand draws letters and numbers on the soft beeswax of the writing tablet. This is how the Romans made their notes.

Antike Wachstafeln - Schreibtafeln

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Additional information on ancient wax tablets

Wax tablets & writing pens

The selection of antique wax tablets in the Römer Shop makes it possible to walk in the written footsteps of bygone times even today.

German craftsmanship made of beech wood

The Roman wax tablets are made exclusively in Germany, purely by hand. A written wax tablet can be written on again and again and is written on and smoothed out again with the stylus. The wax tablet was used for notes and messages until the high Middle Ages.

Each individual wax tablet is made of solid beech wood, then finely sanded and real beeswax is filled into the recess in the wood.

Dichterin Sappho mit Wachstafel
Echte römische Wachstafel Museum Mainz

On the trail of antiquity with the wax tablet

Many achievements of antiquity are still used today. Some have also been refined or adapted to modern needs. For example, although the ancient Greeks naturally did not yet have a computer, the wax tablet can justifiably be called the forerunner of today's calculators.

The writing tablet - a success story

In ancient times, the wax tablet and the matching writing utensil, the stylus, were regarded as standard business equipment: in antiquity, the writing tablet was able to establish itself as the optimal writing surface for simple notes or school exercises. The eventful history of the Roman Empire would probably have disappeared into obscurity if wax tablets that have survived to this day did not bear witness to its culture. The use of the wax tablet dates back to the 5th century BC.

Wax tablets today

Today, the use of a writing tablet including a stylus is no longer absolutely necessary. Not only since the industrial production of paper, which has proven to be more practical, has the wax tablet been displaced as the most important medium. However, they still enjoy a high level of popularity. Especially people interested in ancient cultures still use a writing tablet today. In addition to their undeniable practical use, their appearance is also appealing to the eye.

Wax tablet assortment and antique writing tablet

The diptych, a Roman double wax tablet, was considered a practical notebook by the Greeks and Romans and can still be used as such today. In our writing tablet shop, you will receive wax tablets that are made exclusively from high-quality, natural materials that are true to the original. This includes the robust beech wood as well as the natural beeswax with which the writing surface is prepared.

Furthermore, we have writing tablets in a wide variety of colours and designs in our range. If you would like to copy the ancient civilisations in detail, you will find the necessary materials and instructions for making your own wax tablet in our shop.

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