Antique stationery

Writing like in ancient Rome and Egypt

What an experience! Antique, hand-made papyrus from Egypt or a genuine antique quill, parchment made from goat or sheep skin and an economical alternative to a notebook: the Roman wax tablet and matching Roman writing pens.

"Telling the truth is the same as writing beautifully. This is only achieved by practice, it is less a matter of will than of habit, and I do not think it would be useless to take every opportunity to opportunity to manifest and form this habit."

Marc Aurelius (121 - 180) - Translation, edited by Dr. E. H. Schmitt and Dr. A. Skarva

Echte Papyrusblätter beim Römer Shop.

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 Eine Bewertung von Centurio Markus N.
Centurio Markus N. Germany

The lovingly and authentically designed products from the Römer-Shop have been accompanying me for years and even decades in the field of ancient representation. As a centurion in a Roman military unit until a few years ago, the stationery, from wax tablets to papyrus scrolls, was extremely helpful for high-quality appearances and presentations at museum festivals, in reenactment and in museum education work.

 Eine Bewertung von Archäologischer Park Carnuntum
Archäologischer Park Carnuntum Austria

Young Roman friends can immerse themselves in the Roman past with numerous activities. Products from the Römer Shop are regularly and successfully used at this great event. Year after year, children of all ages can write on wax tablets and get to know real papyrus.

 Eine Bewertung von Scriptorium
Scriptorium Germany

The everyday equipment with glasses and ceramics is also really well made and has survived the hard life of a soldier well. In general, the range of products is truly sensational and offers unique products from the Roman era for many age groups and requirements, from hardcore legionnaires to little Roman fans of primary school age.

 Eine Bewertung von Dominikaner Museum
Dominikaner Museum Rottweil -Germany
Satisfied customers

The Dominikanermuseum Rottweil presents in its department "Roman Rottweil - Arae Flaviae" the life in the only Roman city in Baden-Wuerttemberg. We have been a customer of Römershop for a long time for our own museum shop and are convinced of the high and, above all, consistently high quality of the products. The entire team is always looking forward to new products and our shop is an attraction for our visitors thanks to good replicas.

 Eine Bewertung von Gemeinschaftsschule M. F.
Gemeinschaftsschule M. F. Mölln

Hello and thank you very much for the great products!

Our students were thrilled with the papyrus coloring pictures and the scarabs. As promised, I am sending you photos of the work with the coloring pictures. I wrote a review for the "scarab" coloring picture, but it can also be added to all the other pictures, since we had different motifs.

 Eine Bewertung von Papa Ralf & Sohn
Papa Ralf & Sohn Germany

The card is easy to work with and the cardboard is sturdy enough for such projects. Perhaps small cast figures and horses on a plastic base would be a useful addition to the shop, rather than the cardboard pictures. My 12-year-old son had fun making something like that

 Eine Bewertung von Centurio Zoltan
Centurio Zoltan Hungary

Dear Manuela and Andreas!

Thank you very much for everything and your help. The package arrived here safe and sound and complete. I am very, very satisfied with every product and I really like every item. Since I am constantly expanding my Roman collection, I would like to buy from you in the future if possible Thank you again for everything and see you next time.
Kind regards from Hungary: Zoltan

 Eine Bewertung von Norbert H.
Norbert H. Germany

Here is one of the results of your mosaic stones. The Beyenburg coat of arms, 70 x 70 cm.

Useful information about antique stationery

Papyrus at Roman store

Egyptian papyrus

Papyrus was the most important material for writing on in Roman antiquity and was then, as today, still produced entirely by hand.

Papyrus bushes grew along the Nile and were used to produce the writing medium from the third millennium BC. The Greeks and Romans were convinced by the advantages of papyrus.

Even today, important documents are recorded on a papyrus roll due to the durability of the material. This is because papyrus and parchment still have the ideal characteristics of a writing medium.

And you can even make papyrus yourself! Ancient bookmarks made from it, for example. This is not just a pleasure for Roman and antiquity enthusiasts.

The topics relating to ancient stationery are ideal for school classes in particular for Latin lessons or an insight into history.

Natural parchment

The robust parchment is also perfect for binding books in, with a customized parchment cover.

The material can also be designed with all kinds of color materials: Whether watercolors, acrylics or simply with felt-tip pens, let your let your imagination run wild when designing your own antique treasures!

Scrolls reveal ancient secrets on these pages of the Römer Shop and historical inks will amaze you. Or how about a journey into the ancient world of writing, where seals and sealing wax still kept correspondence secret?

Documents on genuine papyrus or parchment with a seal modeled on those of antiquity take on a very special and nostalgic value. nostalgic value. Parchment or papyrus are also ideal as stationery with a very individual charm.

Echter Papyrus Der Römer Shop
Papyrus Herstellung Streifen legen. Der Römer Shop

Ancient scrolls

The world of ancient Roman scripts is an exciting field of discovery. The Roman wax tablets, for example, are made exclusively handcrafted in Germany.

The ecological idea is explained: a written wax tablet can be written on again and again and is written on with a stylus and smoothed out again. written on and smoothed out again.

This is not the only reason why the wax tablet was used for notes and messages right up to the Middle Ages.


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20 years of experience

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Sustainable packaging

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