Egyptian papyrus & nib quill pen

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Experience the feel of a real ancient piece of writing with our papyrus sheets.
Crafted in small artisan workshops in Egypt, each sheet is carefully crafted from the traditional papyrus plant and processed exclusively by experienced artisans.
This process has been unchanged for thousands of years and guarantees absolute authenticity.

"Verba volant, scripta manent" - Spoken things pass away, written things remain.

Papyrus sheets differences

Papyrus natural border
  • With natural irregular edges
  • Each papyrus sheet purely handmade
  • An authentic product of Egyptian history
  • Fairly produced in Egypt
Papyrus cut
  • With cut smooth edges
  • Each papyrus sheet purely handmade
  • An authentic product of Egyptian history
  • Fairly produced in Egypt
Papyrus Antique
  • With natural irregular border
  • The papyrus strips are darkened by long soaking and then crafted
  • Each papyrus sheet is purely handmade
  • Real product of Egyptian history
  • Fairly produced in Egypt

Your Papyrus benefits

We have been importing papyrus directly from Egypt
for over 15 years.

Tradition meets quality: Our papyrus is made using techniques that are thousands of years old and have stood the test of time throughout history. This traditional method of production ensures not only authenticity, but also an unsurpassed quality of the material.

Uniqueness in every leaf: Every papyrus leaf we sell is unique. The natural patterns of the plant fibres and the craftsmanship ensure that no two leaves are alike.

The papyrus is made for us in small craft workshops.

Papyrus use

How was papyrus used in the ancient world?

From letters to religious texts:

In ancient times, papyrus scrolls were used as stationery and to store literary and religious texts. They were often colourfully decorated. It was also used for packaging goods. But over time, papyrus was replaced by parchment because it was easier to correct and was produced locally.

Papyrus: the forerunner of modern paper:

In Roman antiquity, papyrus was the most important writing material. Handmade on the Nile, Greeks and Romans took advantage of its benefits. Even today, important documents are recorded on papyrus, thanks to its longevity.

Papyrus production as in the past?

Traditional papyrus production:

Papyrus leaves are still traditionally made in Egypt's Nile Delta today. Families live and work in papyrus fields, turning plants into papyrus leaves. Each leaf is created in many steps, using techniques thousands of years old.

Writing as in ancient Egypt:

Feel the magic when you touch and write on papyrus. With us you will find papyrus in traditional quality. Let yourself be enchanted by the ancient art of writing.

Why is papyrus an important part of Egyptian culture?

Papyrus is an important part of Egyptian culture because it is one of the oldest writing materials in the world. The Egyptians used papyrus to produce writing and artwork for several thousand years. Papyrus was made from the stems of the papyrus reed that grew in the floodplains of the Nile.

Papyrus had not only cultural significance but also practical importance. It was easy to obtain and process, making it an important part of everyday life. The Egyptians used it for the production of writing, drawings, maps and even for making clothes and shoes.
Papyrus also has historical significance. It is an important witness to the culture and history of Egypt and allows us to learn more about this fascinating time. Papyrus documents, such as the Chester Beatty Papyrus Collection, preserve important information about ancient Egypt and its culture.

In the modern world, papyrus has found a new meaning. It is a valuable collectible and an important part of art and design. Papyrus drawings and artworks can be found in museums and private collections and attract many visitors.
Overall, papyrus is an important part of Egyptian culture as it is a symbol of the country's history and art and gives us a glimpse into the lives of people thousands of years ago.

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