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Papyrus Plant - Papyrus Paper - Papyrus Scrolls. What an effect words for eternity have on a papyrus scroll from Egypt! You too can write history on papyrus like the Romans, Greeks and Egyptians. 

"Verba volant, scripta manent" - what is spoken passes away, what is written remains.

echte Papyruspflanze aus Ägypten

Papyrus - paper of the ancient Egyptians

Even today, writing on papyrus from Egypt (cyperus papyrus = papyrus perennial) and parchment has survived. Documents also achieve their extraordinary effect on this special writing material. In the Römer Shop you will find handmade papyrus scrolls for writing or painting your own individual words. Every scroll and every papyrus scroll from Egypt is unique, giving your letters and your design decorative uniqueness and durability!

Writing paper from antiquity

Papyrus scrolls and papyri from Egypt were already used in ancient times as writing paper or to preserve literary and religious texts in writing. These were also illustrated in colour. Because it was easier to correct and could be produced locally, parchment replaced the papyrus roll over the course of time.

Schriftrollen aus Papyrus

Papyrus from Egypt: Egyptian ancestor of paper

In Roman antiquity, a papyrus scroll was the most important material for writing on and was produced purely by hand then, as it still is today. Papyrus bushes grew along the Nile and were used to produce the writing medium as early as the third millennium BC. Greeks and Romans were convinced by the advantages of the papyrus of antiquity. Even today, important documents are recorded on a papyrus scroll because of the longevity of the material. Because the plant strips, and also parchment, still have the ideal properties of a writing medium today.

Papyrus plants - Papyri Shop History

In small towns in Egypt, in the Nile Delta, papyrus sheets are still traditionally made from plants. Many rural families live among the papyrus fields. They harvest papyrus at almost any time of the year, the long shrubs of Cyprus grass, and process the raw material into papyrus leaves with great skill. Each leaf is carefully produced in more than ten individual steps, giving it its individual, handcrafted character. The papyrus roll is produced using the same technique as thousands of years ago.

Papyrus FAQ's :

What is Egyptian Cyperus Papyrus ?
Cyperus papyrus from Egypt is a reed-like plant and grows in swampy areas (Nile Delta in Egypt).

What can be used to write on or paint papyrus or a papyrus scroll from Egypt ?
Papyrus can be written on with all common inks and felt pens. In addition, you can paint the papyrus with acrylic paints, watercolours, water colours and tempera paints.

What else can you make from papyrus ?
You can also make high-quality documents from genuine Premium Papyrus / Egypt. Papyrus can also be used to bind books and folders or simply use a papyrus as a background for your picture frame. Of course, you can also use it to make original calendars.

Is papyrus handmade in Egypt ?
Yes, papyrus is made by hand. For thousands of years, ancient papyrus sheets have been laid one on top of the other in strips and smoothed.

What does papyri mean ?
Papyri is the plural form of papyrus.

Writing materials with a success story

The lasting influence of the ancient papyrus on today's civilisation is also expressed in the name "paper", which goes back to the name of the papyrus plant. Finally, parchment celebrated a similar success story. This is a writing material made from prepared animal skins that was widely used both in ancient Mesopotamia and in classical antiquity by the Greeks, Romans and Egyptians. Both the ancient papyrus and parchment were used in roll form as a writing medium and today even as a calendar.

Even today, archaeology is unearthing well-preserved papyri that provide us with information about the life and customs of ancient times. Our range offers you a variety of scrolls, cards and calendars - both blank and printed with selected texts. You can get a papyrus scroll from Egypt or parchment at reasonable prices. If you have any questions about papyrus or parchment, we will be happy to help you.

The ancient papyrus - this plant has influenced the course of world history. It was on this plant that man first wrote with ink and created something that is still an essential part of our culture today. The writing that was recorded on these fibres - the hieroglyphs of ancient Egypt - enchant people to this day and cast an indescribable spell over them because of their enigmatic characters. This is not surprising, because a sheet of papyrus exudes a magic that inevitably leads to the magical events of ancient times. Times in which priests in temples wrote mysterious texts about their gods and spells made hearts beat faster or terrified them.

In the twilight of the gods

Let us enter the halls of an ancient temple at the time when pharaohs ruled and the gods walked among men. In one of the many chambers we see a scribe going about his daily work by the light of an oil lamp. He holds a brush in his hand, which is covered with red ink. Slowly, almost deliberately, his hand moves over the piece of papyrus that lies spread out in front of him. Character by character he transfers onto the precious document. We do not yet know what he is writing, but it has immense significance. It signifies rebirth for the kingdom and ensures the eternal cycle of day and night. Long after his death, his words will echo through history and into our own day. A piece of papyrus that carried a man's prayers through the millennia until it was found in a temple on Phillae. Nothing better symbolises the power of writing and the immortality of papyrus.

Writing like in ancient Egypt

Experience what it feels like to hold a real piece of papyrus in your hands and put ink on it. To transfer your own words onto such a document. In our shop you will find various types of papyrus of the same quality as the scribes of ancient Nile knew. Our papyrus is produced directly in Egypt and manufactured according to ancient tradition. This technique is not very different from the methods used in earlier times. This gives the papyrus a unique quality that can only be found in the land on the Nile. Of course, you can also go directly to the original. Genuine antique papyrus sheets in blank, which you can fill with your thoughts. Use the appropriate writing utensil and write your text with a quill or reed.

Experience the magic of antiquity

Hold a real sheet of papyrus in your hands and write on it with the tools of the ancient priests. Buy papyrus and writing utensils from us and immerse yourself in a world that was already thought to be forgotten.

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