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Who didn't want to be a legionnaire or a famous gladiator when they were a child? The time of waiting has come to an end. Children's dreams come true here!

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Antique oil lamps flood a room with a unique light. Enjoy it yourself in your own home!

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A huge selection of antique writing materials is waiting for you.

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Experience history first hand and learn playfully – modern museum education, school history lessons and exciting re-enactment are based on these concepts. Right here approaches the offer of the Roman Shop to impart the lives of ancient peoples like Greeks, Germans, Celts and Romans with illustrative replicas and didactic teaching materials.

The cradle of culture - the basis for modern times

"The Romans are crazy" is to read in the popular comic book with Gauls, so the French Celts. Although considering his adventures it is entirely possible to agree, the Romans accomplished one of the mightiest empires of the ancient world and built an empire from Italy to the limes that would not be achieved for a long time in history. Fortunately, today we know much about the Romans and also about their direct neighbors Celts, Germans and Greeks, thanks to multifarious excavations of archaeological research. The mediation of this enormous scientific knowledge representing the foundation of our modern society extends in classrooms and in museums far too often in showing texts and viewing objects through a protective glass panel. The Roman Shop offers a wide range of teaching materials about the Romans and other cultures in order to release the distance to history.

Play Roman games, let Caesar in person stride over the teacher's desk, use real everyday articles from ancient times to give your history excursion something special and experience the magic of the past close to the action: An adventure that you will not forget for a long time.

Roman Jewelry, art, games, replica, figures and much, much more

Everyday life in ancient Rome was very different from our life today. Many of our ordinary things have been still unknown and many essential items for Roman life are things of the past. In order to revive this forgotten past in rich detail the Romans Shop provides a wide range of items from the world in the centuries before and after Christ, whether south or north of the Limes.
Learn more about typical games played in the streets of Roman cities or in solitary estates in the countryside, the Villa rusticae. Admire pieces of jewelry reproduced detailed from archaeological finds that show the garb of ancient people - whether man or woman. In addition, there is a wide range of everyday objects, objects from the religious sphere and the Romans Shop also offers artworks from the sphere of Roman ruler classes. A wide range of child-oriented teaching materials is also to be found on the Roman Shop pages - sorted by topics.

As well as materials about the Romans, about Egypt and the Middle Ages there are various opportunities to enrich your lessons by didactically valuable texts and sets and thus makes history not only understandable, but also touchable in an impressive manner. Especially from the perspective of modern pedagogy the haptic aspect, which is the chance to emphasize teaching target through tangible objects, is a not to be underestimated argument. Do not miss your chance and take up history.

Usable for target groups

No matter who your audience is, we support you in many ways. Refer to a younger audience with historical figures and present the past in an entirely new style. You can complete your reenactment performances with detailed reproductions of the Romans everyday objects, but do not fall into the trap to assemble just improvised equipment. Enrich the atmosphere of your next role-play session by genuine replicas of ancient drinking vessels and conjure an aura of the past all around your gambling table. And take your students on a journey into long forgotten epochs, from which they will go into raptures for years. For whatever purpose: We offer a wide range of equipment and provide you with detailed information texts and the necessary background knowledge so that you are not only well prepared, but also well briefed.

Always up to date - the Roman encyclopedia

In the Wikipedia-era knowledge seems to be generally and quickly available. Not for nothing, however, the knowledge on Wikipedia and other sites is often criticized as superficial. Therefore the Roman Shop provides numerous additional free of charge functions, apart from its extensive range of products from various time phases in the past. For example, the Roman encyclopedia encloses numerous interesting information about life, everyday life and world of the gods in ancient Rome. Not only general information about the Romans is on offer for you, but a wide range of tips and ideas is also waiting for you. Did you know, for example, how papyrus was produced in ancient Egypt? Read the articles in our encyclopedia and add the knowledge for the production of Papyrus in the classroom to your newly absorbed knowledge.

Or do you know the meaning of the ancient gods for the Romans? Read the exciting reviews about them and recount the tales - supported by the historical figures - in the classroom. Let your creativity run wild and give your audience, whether student, role players or reenacter, an unforgettable experience!

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