Ancient Wall-Reliefs

If you look out for unique wall decorations from the Roman days, check out the following pages. The reliefs that you find on these pages of Busts and Reliefs of The Roman Shop are replica, mostly made of Alabaster plaster, patinated and fitted with a rear suspension.

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Ancient roman Reliefs

They are a real must for every lover of antiquity, but they are also a delight for those who look out for a high quality decoration of walls. They come as moon calendars or reliefs as you know them from famous Roman museums.

Blank reliefs for your own craft work

You or your children would like to be antique artists? Our blank reliefs are ideal for children in the classroom or at home, explore the following pages of The Roman Shop. Using our blank reliefs you will be able to impress every fan of antiquity with a self-designed relief! And you will discover, how easy the material is to handle... it is like going into the workshop of an antique city.

Roman Reliefs

You will be amazed about the artistic quality of our ornate reliefs – made mostly from patinated Alabaster plaster. They will be a gem at your walls. You can watch them for a long time and still discover more details of these objects, crafted with an archaeologist’s eye: Horseriders, chickens, proud roosters, but also gladiators, our Venus in a Roman house altar, a phallus to ensure blessing, famous Roman statues and gods! The following pages are a treasure trove and will give real joy to any antique lover.