Relief gladiator fight, ancient roman wall decoration

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Roman mural relief with fighting scene: 3 persons - on the right: referee (summa rudis) with a long stick, on the left: gladiator wears a helmet with sloping nape guard and visor, short sword (gladius), greave reaching closely under the knee only on the left leg and a big rectangular shield (scutum), in the middle: gladiator with the sam equipment only the weapon is not recognisable.

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Roman Reliefs

The art of reliefs for the Romans as well as for the Greeks was popular in the same way. In its monumental form they could demonstrate scenes of the own history, mythology or daily liefe int temples, altars and public buildings in Rome. But also more handy reliefs are maintained from the Antiquity in great numbers: small plates out of marble of limestone, in which carefully three-dimensional figures were craved. Depending on its purpose motive could variate and every thinkable scene of the life in Antiquity could be shown.


The first gladiators still had a simple equipment. Everyone had a shield, a sword and was protected by a helmet and greaves. Over centuries various gladiators types developed, that differed in their equipment and way of fighting strongly from each other.

On illustrative images gladiators mostly are shown in the final phase of the fight. The basic idea of a gladiator was to demonstrate the ancient Roman military virtues of courage, steadfastness and will of winning with the fighters in the arena. A gladiator hat to fight up to three times per year and was cared for well for the rest of the time.

In the first fights it were only slaves or prisoners of war. But later mainly captives, convicted criminals (damnatio ad ludum gladiatorium) or slaves were used.

  • suspension on the back
  • fixing without problems
  • extraordinary mural decoration
  • real alabaster plaster, patinated - optic of sandstone
  • measures: 24x18,5x1,5 cm

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