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Roman cups, antique vessels & clay jugs

The replicas of Roman vessels such as beakers and jugs are all hand-pleasers. They are earthen and very stylish: the conical ceramic cup, for example, or the Roman saying cup - which, by the way, were very popular with the Romans - folded models of Roman drinking vessels or the Roman jug with a classic Roman cloverleaf spout.

Roman cups and clay jugs

Roman drinking vessels are made of terracotta or white clay and are a true ornament for any rustic table setting - especially those of antiquity fans and earthenware lovers. Take a look around the Roman drinking vessels on the Roman ceramics and glass pages in the Roman Shop. You are sure to be delighted by the stylish range of handmade replicas of Roman tableware.

Of course, you will also find the right Roman wine for your Roman table on the pages of the Roman Shop. For example, a wine like from the rose garden! The selected Roman rose wine in the decorative, black noble bottle offers you an unusual note and a very special taste experience - a little glass for special hours and occasions! Let yourself be taken by this taste experience. The ancient wine is specially pressed according to ancient mention. That is why it is a real rarity and is only sold in very small quantities by the Roman Shop on the Roman Ceramics and Glass pages. Unfortunately, it is not available all year round. So when it is available, grab it! Stored in the cellar, it will only get better; like any good wine!

Red wine with Roman spice

Or you can fill your antique drinking vessels and wine jugs with Roman red wine, which you can also get on these pages under the category Roman ceramics and glass in the Roman Shop. The word date takes on a whole new meaning! This red, Roman spiced wine - conditum paradoxum - made according to an original Roman recipe awakens delicacies! So enjoy vino the Roman way! You will also find the matching wine jugs for decanting this extraordinary drop on these pages of the Roman Shop. The vineyards for the grapes of this exceptional Roman red wine are situated in the best locations along the Rhine and are cultivated by a small winery in the old tradition. Quality, wholesomeness and environmentally friendly viticulture are the top priorities. The wine is particularly low in tannins because the stalk structure is removed before the grapes are pressed.

Apicius "de re coquinaria I 1" incidentally reports on the production of the ancient spiced wine: "15 pondera of honey are put into a vessel, having previously poured in two sextarii of wine, so that you boil down the wine to a honey broth. It is heated over a low flame and with dry wood, stirred with a stick while it boils. When it starts to boil over, unless it goes down by itself by reducing the fire. When it has cooled down, it is reignited. This is done two and three times and only then is it taken off the cooker and skimmed the following day. Then add four vniciae of already cracked pepper, three scripvli of mastrix, one dragma each of bay leaves and saffron, five roasted date seeds and the dates themselves soaked in wine, preceded first by the addition of wine, so that you get a mild mixture. When all this is prepared, pour over it sextarii 18 mild wine."

If that doesn't give you reason to fill your replicas of beautiful Roman pottery in this way? Work up an appetite for a Roman culinary treat on these pages of the Roman Shop. We will be happy to accompany you on your excursion into Roman antiquity and its delights!

Did you know... ?
that our Roman vessels are made in the traditional potter's craft.

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