Social commitment - We are part of society

We are part of society

The team of the Roman Shop does not only want to let their customer experience history very closely but we also see our responsibility for the world we live in. The responsibility does not only refer to the environment but as well to our fellow citizens. We want to make life a little bit better every day.

Die TafelTherefore, we provide contributions in kind to regional charity projects such as the Tafel.

We cannot donate food but we can contribute items which can serve as gifts for children of families in need.

Living history

Papyrus-Schulunterricht-LegenOne of our projects focusses on making history lessons more interesting. We donate teaching material to schools in order to help them making learning more interesting. Based on our material the students can manufacture ancient objects while experiencing history with their own hands.

We also offer project days for schools in which we guide and support pupils to produce tools from ancient Rome.

While doing the manufactural work it is quite obvious that the kids ask questions regarding the objects they build.

Besides we can provide historical facts and helpful knowledge while establishing an immediate reference between the tools and the corresponding historical facts. It is a lot easier to keep in mind what you hear if you create an ancient mug or mosaic at the same time.

Bunte Götter AusstellungenTime and again we provide pieces for special exhibitions free of charge for museums.

That could be for example colored replica of antique bust. With those we want to show how colorful these bust could have been. Already in the ancient world cloth and hair has been colored and life was for sure a lot more colored than most bust in museums indicate. Very often they are made of white marble. We also accompany 

events where visitors can for example try on a tunic. 
The forum Traiani, our partner, evolved from the idea to deal with history in practical experience. It started with roman hair-style and turned out to become a real roman department store. The owners produce tools from everyday life, stationery, toys, jewelry and decoration according to original templates.

Fair production

Was ist Papyrus?

Ägyptische Familien

Many of our articles are produced by people who work in welfare factories. Thereby we enable them to get work and their own income. We only use commodities under fair trade agreements. Furthermore, we work directly with the producer leaving out any middlemen. It is important for us that the families of our workers get fair wages.

We also only send articles to museums and schools which have been produced and packed without harmful ingredients and under environmentally compatible conditions.

Helping together

We use all sort of occasions to contribute money for good cause. In cooperation with Forum Traiani ® we support different events with contributions in kind. With the mosaic stones, papyrus and parchment, visitors from exhibitions and fairs can produce items which have already been made in ancient times.