Other historical pottery

The Romans had no sugar to sweeten their food, as we have it today. They used honey to enrich their culinary delights which, as we know today, is healthier than our refined sugars. Accordingly, they used wonderful honey pots, which adorned the kitchen in Roman times.

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Roman ceramics

In our section "Other pottery" you will find examples of honey pots such as a replica of a traditional Roman clay honey pot dating back to the 1st century A.D. The pot with two handles is a particularly beautiful specimen with its exceptional color. But look further, because there are more of the "Other pottery" to discover.

Qumran replica

We provide, for example, a replica of a jug from the famous Qumran findings from the Dead Sea, dating back to the 1st century BC to the 1st century A.D. The Jewish Qumran pots preserved the oldest Bible manuscripts. The Dead Sea scrolls were hidden in jugs in eleven caves near the ruins of Khirbit Qumran in the West Bank and Gaza, but were discovered between the years 1947 and 1956. It took a few decades until the texts were published and translated, and they include about 15,000 fragments of ca. 850 scrolls from ancient Judaism. They were written by at least 500 different scribes during these years. Amongst them are about 200 texts of the later Tanach (The Torah, the Prophets and the Writings = the Jewish Bible, the Christian’s Old Testament), but also texts from Plato and others.

Deposited in containers in caves they were protected for centuries. Also in other caves near the western shore of the dead sea scrolls and letters were found, so around the year 1952 in Wadi Mur Abba 'at (20 km south of Qumran), from the year 1963 at Masada in Nahal Hever, in the Wadi Sdeir and in Nahal Ze' (1960) as well as in Nahal Arugot, 2004. Our pottery is based on originals and are exclusively hand made on a potter's wheel. Each piece is unique, as in ancient times! The pottery in our section "Pottery and Ceramics" give, for example, an impressive 22 inches high and 11 inches diameter jug: it gives enough space for your Roman papyrus and scrolls, which also are also available either blank or with writings at The Roman Shop. Anybody who wants to explore the Biblical times further, is invited to enjoy our raritie.