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Rivets and nails based on original Roman models can be found on these pages of the Roman Shop under the category Raw Materials and Useful Items. The Roman square nails in various sizes are a real eye-catcher when you decorate your carpentry with them!

Interesting: Nails bear witness to Roman soldiers!

And here is an anecdote about one of the most important functions of nails for the Romans! The Roman ancestors must have passed through the Werra valley in Hesse and also through the Ulfe valley about 2000 years ago. There is clear evidence of this: Sandal nails! They are regarded as proof that Roman soldiers were once on the move. The iron nails in their footwear were quickly lost and remained in the ground over the centuries. Where they are found, there may have been Roman camps or outposts.

Incidentally, the ancient word for Roman soldiers' footwear is caliga and refers to a leather military shoe worn by Roman legionaries. It was an extremely sturdy, open-toed marching shoe with soles made from up to three layers of cowhide. And these soles were studded with iron nails. In the case of the ordinary legionary, each shoe had up to 90 iron nails with hemispherical heads (Latin clavi). The top layer of the sole was also the upper leather. It was a single piece of leather sewn together at the heel and cut to form a system of flaps on the back of the foot, which were tied together with a leather strap. This made the sole more durable and resistant.

Roman nails for decoration

Use the Roman rivets and nails in antique style, made by hand, on these pages of the Roman Shop under the category of raw materials and useful items, to decorate your home-made or purchased pieces of furniture and give them a very special touch. These extremely sturdy nails have a pretty square head, which is a real eye-catcher and will add a touch of charm to any piece of furniture. People often try to hide the "ugly nails"! This will not happen if you use the Roman, shapely ones. Moreover, they will not rust and look decorative in any season!

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