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Immerse yourself in the fascinating culture of Roman antiquity and discover the secrets of its music and literature.

The Music of the Romans - A Sound Journey into the Past

The music of the Romans was closely connected with their everyday life and their festivals. But unlike today, there were no concrete notations or records of musical pieces back then. Nevertheless, a few works have survived to this day and give us an insight into the musical world of the Romans. One of the most famous works is the "Carmen Saeculare" by the poet Horace, written on the occasion of the Saecular celebration in 17 BC. It is a chant that was performed by a group of singers and instrumentalists. However, not only singing but also instrumental music was important to the Romans. For example, there was the tibiae game, which involved playing on double flutes. Learn more about the ancient world of music and discover the fascinating sounds of the Romans.

Latin books - a journey back in time to the world of antiquity

Besides music, books were also an important part of ancient culture. Latin was the language of the Romans and was used in books, writings and documents. Numerous works have survived to this day and give us an insight into the history, literature and philosophy of the Romans. For example, Vitruvius' "De architectura", a work on architecture, or Julius Caesar's "Commentarii de Bello Gallico", a description of his war experiences. Discover the fascinating world of ancient literature and immerse yourself in the world of Roman thought.

Discover the fascinating world of antiquity

Ancient music and Latin books are an important part of cultural history and give us an insight into the world of thought and life of the Romans. To this day, these works are both fascinating and informative and can teach us a lot about the past. Discover the world of ancient music and literature and immerse yourself in the fascinating culture of the ancient Romans.

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