Mosaic templates

Mosaics are a high art. For centuries, man has perfected this kind of artistic expression, with which mainly walls and floors were designed. Therefore, if you want to create your own mosaic, you must already possess certain skills. But now we have a very simple way to create your own mosaics. With our templates you just have to put the stones together and you get your perfect picture for the wall or floor.

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An art with patience

To create a mosaic, this is a delicate work. Each small stone has to be placed exactly in the right position, so that the overall picture is harmonious in the end. Even the artists of ancient Rome knew what lengthy work was connected with it. Yet they created true masterpieces, which partly cover the floor of giant vestibules or even courtyards. Many of these works are part of the World Cultural Heritage of UNESCO because you tell a very vivid way of telling stories from a long past world. The endless patience that the masters had to muster to complete your works is sought in many other artistic directions of your own. So it is not surprising that many people today want to try on such a project themselves.

Mosaics carry us into another time, which seems to have passed for a long time. Yet, in a strange way, you lead us into those days when the ancient gods dominated the world, and legends and legends of great heroes impressed the people. Mosaics represent a link to an inheritance that has remained intact to the present time.

Wonderful templates

With our wonderful templates, you can easily create your own mosaic. The stones can simply be applied field by field, so that the entire image is gradually formed. The templates also give you the colors that are used in the various areas. These are, however, only suggestions, because, of course, you can also color the mosaic according to your own ideas. All matching stones can also be purchased from us at the Römer Shop.

The mosaic templates let you know exactly where a stone finds its place. So you can orient yourself exactly, and the mosaic takes up quickly. Teachers and pupils in particular can benefit from these models, because here they are given an experience which was only made by the ancient masters of mosaic art. Impressively, history can be experienced here on its own, and one quickly realizes the performance of the artists of that time.

Order your mosaic template

With a template from our shop you have the possibility to create your own mosaic. Learn how a mosaic is created, and be able to create your own works without submission soon. Buy now a mosaic template in our shop.