Busts of the ancient world

Are you a fan of antiquity and a lover of Roman busts, reliefs or decorative ancient murals?

Roman Busts & Reliefs

You will be amazed at the high quality and decorative reliefs - mostly in patinated alabaster stucco - that can adorn your walls. Immerse yourself in the lovingly detailed Roman miniatures: horsemen, chickens, proud cocks or gladiators, Venus on the altar, a phallus blessing the house, or replicas of famous Roman statues and gods, all to be discovered in the Roman Busts & Reliefs section! The journey of discovery through these pages will be a real pleasure for any lover of antiquity, and a real treasure trove for anyone looking for a gift, and not only for lovers of Roman small-scale art.

Blank reliefs to design yourself

The Roman Busts and Reliefs pages of the Roman Shop even contain blank reliefs for children to create in class or at home. What an extraordinary gift to surprise a friend with a relief of your own design! And the whole thing is child's play...

... so let's enter the world of ancient art!

Genuine busts replicas from bygone eras

Antique busts of the Egyptians, Romans or Greeks can be found in public galleries and museums all over the world. To own an antique bust is to own a replica.

Replicas of busts from antiquity are deceptively real replicas. The busts stand on a pedestal or are mounted on a flat base. Contemporary replicas of ancient busts are also made from a variety of materials, often including (technical) plastics and plaster.

Plaster models, in particular, can be hand-painted with colours of one's own choice after the cast has been made. If the replica is made of bronze or copper, the client can choose between a polished or matt finish. Nowadays, busts are also mass-produced using precise 3D techniques and special printing processes.

Less common are handcrafted replicas of antique busts, such as those in the Roman Shop.

Roman Busts

Whether you are looking for antique statues and statuettes, busts of the great Roman emperors or detailed and lovingly crafted ceramic reliefs in various sizes and patinas, you will find what you are looking for on the following pages of the Roman Shop under the category Roman Busts and Reliefs and you will be amazed!

Roman deities such as Juno, Fortuna or Venus, the goddess of love, are waiting for your visit as statuettes of Roman deities, lovingly designed and true to detail, for your shelf or windowsill, as a magnificent bust of the emperors Augustus, Nero or Caesar, as you only know them from the museum, for your private desk, the bookshelf in the library or the entrance area of your house ... or as a decorative wall sculpture. ... or as a decorative wall sculpture for an antique-style interior or even on your terrace - take a look at our range of busts and reliefs based on historical models and let yourself be transported back to the world of antiquity!

Antique busts

Busts have always been symbols of great historical eras. Dedicated to outstanding contemporaries, they are faithful representations of the people of their time. In most cases, busts depict the person from head to chest height; full-length busts were and are very popular as public monuments and are oversized in their dimensions.

In our own country, the Hermann Monument in the Teutoburg Forest, inaugurated by the German Emperor in 1875, depicting the Cheruscan prince Arminius, who is said to have won a victory over the Roman legions under Varus in 9 AD, would be a world-famous example.

Every historical era has produced famous emperors, commanders or other rulers, heroes, prophets and gods. The common people liked to take these images in the form of busts so that they could have a place of honour and be remembered forever. In their own way, busts are a 3D image, although there were also masks, coins and paintings that portrayed rulers and gods as lifelike as possible.

Most busts are monochrome and made of different materials. Precious metals (copper, bronze, silver and gold), iron, sheet metal, clay, marble, wood and other materials were used.

However, there were also multi-coloured busts. Coloured busts are painted by hand and increase the effect on the viewer. Think of the world famous bust of Nefertiti from the 16th dynasty of the Old Kingdom of Egypt. This well-preserved bust of the wife of King Akhenaten was made from limestone, plaster and embedded crystals and painted by hand during the reign of the Pharaohs between 1336-1356 BC. It can still be admired today as a special highlight of Egyptian sculpture in the Egyptian Museum in Berlin.

Here again all categories of antique busts and reliefs


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