Teaching material for history

Let the students create their own papyrus! Stripes for five sheets are included in the kit, from which a sheet can be produced quickly and easily. After drying, the students can paint or describe the papyrus sheet. You will feel like in an antique writer in your writing workshop.
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Creative teaching material: Bookmark

Handmade bookmarks can be purchased individually or as a set of classics at the Roman Shop. Have the students paint them, embellish them with embossed flowers or grasses or even embellish them with Latin writing. There are no limits to creativity in this individual design. Afterwards the students can even cover the bookmarks with a cover, so that the beautiful one-offs do not wear out through the frequent use. This will adorn any history or latin book, if a page is created by a specially crafted bookmark. You can embellish the bookmarks even with a jewelery ribbon, a leather cord or a border. And, of course, the self-made, genuine Roman bookmarks are also an ideal gift with heart-felt!

Teaching material Rome - Play games

Or let the students play with the real Roman circular game like the children in antiquity. The Roman childrens play is still fun for young and old alike and leads an understanding of the everyday life of the Romans. For in the ancient world the round-mill game was an integral part of the Kurzweil. The set for self-tinkering on the Roman Shop pages contains not only the instructions for the building of the game but also an easy-to-understand guide of the rules for the popular Roman game.

Teaching material Rome - Produce growth itself

Or build a real Roman growth with the children as they used the Roman children in the school. The set of tools on these pages of the Roman shop includes everything you need to grow-tinker: three wooden boards made of real beech, beechwood felts for the frame, glue for sticking together, real beeswax for writing on the table and wooden sticks To scribe with the writing instruments into the wax. For the project week or the history lessons on the Romans and the Middle Ages, this kit is a real creativity enrichment. The easy-to-understand instructions make the project a fast success experience with guaranteed success.