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Raw materials for the roman reenactment

Useful items for Roman reenactment, camp life and history representation.

Roman Camp life - but properly!

Recreating historical lifestyles has long since ceased to be a niche phenomenon. For a long time now, it has not only been experimental archaeologists who try to actively immerse themselves in the everyday life of bygone eras, but also laymen, people interested in history in general, as well as children, teachers and LARP enthusiasts have taken a massive liking to following in the footsteps of their ancestors and forefathers for once.
However, this requires not only the will to try out and live this way of life, but also the right and appropriate equipment. Because what would a journey through time be without the appropriate material? Nothing half and nothing whole. That is why it is important to fully engage in the adventure and not to disregard even the smallest details.

Raw materials for the camp and everyday life!

Nowadays, we are used to having everything ready to serve. This is true for food as well as for almost all other products. In the days of our ancestors, however, this was not so. Most people, unless they had immense wealth, had to produce their own daily necessities. This requires certain raw materials. You can find them here!
But since you can not do everything yourself, after all, not everyone is a skilled blacksmith, weaver, soap maker or turner, you can also fall back on some finished products without hesitation. These you can then process yourself to be able to feel how it must have felt to have lived a few centuries or even millennia ago. You realize very quickly how well off we are today, but just as quickly you realize how many skills and abilities we have lost due to our modern and very comfortable lifestyles. That's why working with raw materials gives you not only a unique insight into the life of days gone by, but also an equally unique opportunity to realize how much we depend on machine production these days. The experience is especially important for children, as it teaches them that not everything "grows on trees" and perhaps also teaches them to value the little things more. It is definitely worth a try.

What is offered?

You can buy a whole range of different raw or semi-finished goods that will help you survive the everyday life in the camp or the time of reenactment in the best possible and authentic way. Among other things, you will find:

  • Fine incense. This will give your tent or dwelling for the time of your stay not only a special smell that you will forever associate with the era you are reenacting, but also a downright mystical aura that will surely inspire some to dream and thus enhance the feeling of time travel.
  • Corks and bottles. You need a suitable container to store oils, essences, food and liquids. Not only bark jars and goat tubes serve this purpose ... glass was also known and even quite affordable in ancient times. Thus, you certainly won't go wrong if you purchase some glass containers for your storage place.
  • Nails and rivets. If you want to process leather or make your sandals non-slip, you can't avoid nails and rivets. That's why grab some if you want to try your hand at being an antique cobbler.
  • Fabrics. A journey through time requires the right garments. This is best made by yourself, to get a feel for the cuts and the work that each person had to put into their wardrobe. There was no prêt-à-porter 2000 years ago - here, women and men still had to reach for a needle themselves if they wanted to be chic.
  • Bones. Today, bones are rarely used. In antiquity and the Middle Ages, however, they were an immensely important raw material. Cutlery, weapons, tools, needles and jewelry were made from them, making them a real jack-of-all-trades.
  • Leather and skins. Just like today, leather was a very important raw material back then. Footwear, bags, pouches, hats, straps and much more were made from the skins of animals. That is why no reenactor can do without these goods!

Do not wait long!

So, if you are interested in making your time travel really authentic and not just sitting out as an 08/15 project, don't be lazy and stock up on enough raw materials. Surely this will help to increase and promote not only the intensity but also the joy of camp life. So just browse through the wide selection and get inspired and excited!

Rivets and nails for Roman reenactment

Also on the pages of the Roman store under the category of the Roman and Romans under Roman reenactment you can find rivets and nails based on the original Roman utensils. The Roman iron nails, which are modeled on the original finds, have the square head typical of this period and are forged conical. They are available in the Roman Shop under this category of Romans and Romans in different sizes. The Roman nails are ideal for decoratively closing (antique) boxes, for imaginative, stylish furniture construction or simply as a very decorative and unusual wall hook - a real eye-catcher for all antique fans!

Cork and ornamental glass bottles

On these pages under the heading Roman reenactment you will also find useful corks and glass vials in various sizes. Under the heading of raw materials and useful items you can discover the small glass bottles of ancient example. They are ideal for storing homemade ink for a Roman writing instrument such as a stylus or for storing small quantities of oils. They are beautifully shaped and each of the pretty flacons comes with a matching closure made of real cork - so that the contents can breathe. And speaking of breathing: smoking is in! Here you will find the right fragrances and essences to give your living space a touch of antique flair - not only for antique fans a real treasure trove, because the matching utensils are also to look at and buy here according to antique, Roman model! So have a look around among the ornaments and useful items on the pages Raw Materials and Useful Items of the Roman Shop. Have fun exploring the world of antiquity!

Roman Raw Materials & Useful

Under the category raw materials and useful items you will find for the Roman reenactment, for example, beautiful fabrics to sew yourself a Roman tunic after an ancient pattern or bones and ankles, for example, as tokens for authentic Roman dice games! You can also discover real leather and skins for writing on, for example, or for making Roman shoes on the pages Raw Materials and Useful Things. In addition, there are dried plants of all kinds.

Violet blossoms, for example, were the Romans' favorite flower. They were quite popular in the Roman garden! The dried flowers, original and 15 grams packed, are also suitable for smoking for Roman reenactment. By the way, violets were dedicated to the goddess Venus, the goddess of love, in ancient Rome. There is even a traditional wine, which was flavored with violet essences. What a pleasure! But taste for yourself!

Here again the individual categories of raw materials:

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