Antique raw Materials

Useful for reenactment, camp life and the presentation of history.


Antique natural raw materials and other useful items

In the category of natural raw materials and other useful items you will find beautiful fabrics which you can use for sewing a Roman tunic. To help you we also provide templates. Here you will also discover game pieces made from bones. In addition, we have real leather and skins as writing material or to manufacture Roman shoes. Likewise, we offer dried plants of all kinds.

Amongst the flowers, Violet was one of the favourites of the Romans, dedicated to the Roman of goddess Venus, the goddess of love. You will discover them in many recreated Roman gardens in Britain. The dried flowers are all packed by us in sets of 15 grams and they are suitable for a variety of uses, also for incense on a Roman altar.

Have you tried a traditional Roman wine. Naturally, it has been flavoured with violets essences amongst other flowers and herbs. You will taste the delight of a wine of love.