Mosaic & tesserae

Roman mosaic craft

Painting Roman mosaic panels or even making them yourself, what a vivid Roman lesson. This can make art, history or even Latin lessons a colorful affair.

Mosaic for children

Painting mosaics or making them yourself, what a vivid history lesson! Mosaic for kids, this will make the art, history lessons a colorful creative lesson.

Mosaic for kids: fun for all ages

Already in ancient Egypt, Rome or other cultures mosaics played an important role. These are small ceramic discs that can be put together to form a large picture. But you should not imagine it as easy as it sounds. After all, the plates are small and colorful. Quickly, your mosaic picture can become a colorful mess. However, you should not let this dissuade you, because a mosaic is a real splendor. Especially children can not resist the mosaic. After all, they can play with noisy colorful stones, put them together in special shapes and then admire their work. Therefore, it is no wonder that mosaic is so popular for children. It's best to try mosaic for kids with your little ones today!

A suitable set

Mosaic for kids is perfect especially for school classes that are studying ancient eras. Since mosaic is almost every era came into use, the small tiles can be individually adapted to the theme. It does not matter whether it is Egypt, Rome, Greece or Africa. The mosaic tiles will adapt to your ideas and thus create new and great images. Practical are the ready sets that you can find with us. In these sets for school classes or home use are included all the materials you need for a relaxing day with mosaic for children. Depending on the set, this can be used for 20 to 25 children. Of course, you can also use it at home for more. From the age of six, children can work with the mosaic. In addition, wooden boards are supplied, on which the colorful Ceraton mosaic tiles are attached. So that they also hold, the adhesive tube is not missing in the set. Likewise, various templates are supplied, which can support their own creativity. However, you do not have to work with these, but can let your own imagination play.

Be creative!

Of course, crafting with mosaics is a great highlight for children. However, not only is it a lot of fun and makes the time fly by, but it also has numerous benefits for the child's development. With mosaic for children can increase the motor skills of the little ones. After all, you have to work with noisy little mosaic tiles and position them correctly. In addition, it tickles the creative vein of children. They can completely live out in the mosaic for children and discover what possibilities there are. In this respect, pictures are created which will differ from child to child.

Always a pleasure: mosaic for children

If you no longer have enough tiles, we also have colorful mixtures of mosaic for children. These contain a kilogram of the various tiles that you can use. Therefore, you do not always have to buy the sets, but can simply start with a mixture. This is useful if you want to decorate flower pots, pictures or the floor together with your children. Of course, you can also get a craft set, which contains the parts so that you can form a certain pattern. This eliminates the difficult steps of your own creativity. Try together with your little ones mosaic for children and soon you will be delighted with the possibilities!

Here again the individual categories to create a mosaic:


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