Hieroglyphics - The sacred signs of Egypt

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Egyptian Hieroglyphics

Egyptian hieroglyphs are the characters (letters) of the oldest known Egyptian writing system from about 3200 B.C. to 300 A.D. Egyptian hieroglyphs were originally a pure pictographic script, which was later expanded with consonant and sense characters combining and used in Egypt and Nubia. According to ancient Egyptian tradition, Thoth, the god of wisdom, created the hieroglyphs. The Egyptians therefore called them the "script of the god's words." The beginnings of Egyptian writing go back to the pre-dynastic period. The oldest known hieroglyphic finds so far came to light from the time around 3200 BC in Abydos from the pre-dynastic princely tomb U j.

The fully developed hieroglyphs were on small tablets. These were attached to vessels and designated their origin. Some of the early characters of the Egyptian hieroglyphs resemble the Sumerian characters. A connection is possible, but also in the opposite direction. In any case, the hieroglyphic writing shows itself already in the oldest testimonies as a finished system. The Egyptian hieroglyphs are therefore a quite exciting and also very decorative topic, with which you can entertain your students in the best way and will arouse interest for the ancient culture!

This alphabet of the ancient Egyptians is also available as a stamp under Teaching Material Egyptian Hieroglyphs. Simply use an ink pad to stamp the gummed side of the letters onto a paper or papyrus. This is child's play and ensures quick success for your students. It's also a quick and easy way to make great artwork in art class.

Egyptian Hieroglyphics - Alphabet of the Egyptians

The alphabet of the ancient Egyptians is available as a stencil on these pages under the category Teaching Material Egyptian Hieroglyphics. Have students write their names in Egyptian - also on the papyrus bookmarks, which you can also get here as a class set. You'll see how much fun history lessons are with the exciting challenge.
And along the way, students will learn where Egyptian characters come from and what their meanings were through the ages. This is the kind of vivid teaching that students find exciting.

egyptian hieroglyphs

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