The scrolls of antiquity

Discover the history of the ancient world through our unique scrolls.

With our handcrafted scroll made from genuine papyrus and beechwood rods, the history of the papyrus scroll comes to life again.

Advantages of antique scrolls

We have been producing antique scrolls for many years and pay great attention to detail.

Sustainably produced for the sake of the environment.

Culture Own a piece of ancient tradition.

Education Teaching with "living" history.

Aesthetics Elegant design meets antique beauty.

Exclusive educational materials - Use the scrolls as inspiring educational resources that cannot be found in any conventional teaching material. They offer a unique perspective on historical content and promote a deep understanding of the ancient world. A must-have for anyone who values education and personal development.

Scroll - The ancient book

Anyone who wants to show off their intellectual status today has a well-stocked library of scrolls, in which books are lined up shelf after shelf. The fact that the book itself was able to establish itself in its current rectangular format is due in particular to the requirements of book printing. In ancient times, a different form of written information was favoured: In all the advanced civilisations of antiquity, books were rolled up rather than leafed through.

The scroll was able to establish itself as the optimal writing medium for the requirements of the time. Even today, this form still exerts a great fascination, because it symbolises the mystery inherent in all writing more than a conventional book.

The ancient papyrus roll or scroll is created by gluing individual sheets together (sing. kollema; pl. kollemata). The liquid contained in the papyrus strips serves as the "glue". On average, a scroll, which was also considered a book in ancient times, consists of around 20 sheets and, with a width of around 25 to 30 centimetres, reaches a length of between six and ten metres.

De Bello Gallico on an authentic scroll

The famous original text de bello gallico is also a very special gift for every Roman fan and Latin scholar!

In addition, the work on papyrus is fascinating for students in Latin lessons. Explain the Roman book system to the students and pack them with explosive content in Latin: The Gallic War, from the victors' point of view! Latin texts are fun!

After the Roman model - a real journey of discovery into antiquity! The unique Latin scrolls are modelled on those of antiquity. The writing in the famous de bello gallico is printed in a Latin uncial on papyrus. The Imperator Caesar's scroll is mounted on a wooden stick made of beech with turned end pieces and fastened with a tituli, "book spine".

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