Papyrus production

Papyrus Manufacturing

Explore ancient Egypt with your students. Students independently make real finds and ancient artefacts in class.

Making papyrus is very easy and fun!

Or simply make the ancient writing material papyrus yourself with the students. You will find everything you need for your lessons in a set on the Egypt teaching materials pages. You will also find information on how to describe the material. On the Egypt teaching material pages you will find, among many other things, an Egyptian writing palette with natural rushes. Write like the ancient Egyptians! If that doesn't fascinate the students and take them back to the world of their ancient ancestors!

An ancient plant with potential

The papyrus plant was not only used to make paper. Due to a great shortage of wood in Egypt at times, the ancient plant was also used as firewood. From the dried root, the Egyptians made fuel and ancient utensils, and the stems were even used to build boats by tying them together in large bundles.

The inner fibres were also used to make threads. They were then woven and braided into baskets or mats. Even shoes were made from the strips of the plant. The plant and its strips were also used in ancient Egypt as a remedy for wounds and ulcers.

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