Papyrus production

You can do it yourself with real Papyrus strips from the land of the Pharaohs. All Papyrus strips come from the land of the Pharaohs of Egypt. Adding of the Papyrus sheet is easy and explained in a manual with pictures, so that you can make yourself this fascinating archaeological experience. It also helps pupils from the age of six, but also students to learn about the manufacturing of papyrus.

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Real papyrus production

You simply need to put the Papyrus strips in water. Then strip by strip your papyrus sheet is growing by adding one strip to the next. Until the sheet is ready, you work on a cotton cloth. Finally, you need to try your papyrus sheet, but then it is ready to use.

Different from the larger sheets, the strips we can only provide for limited times in the year, as they need to be made from summer papyrus. This gives them a certain softness which we need for making the papyrus sheets ourselves. Our pack has a presorted bag of stripes, already correctly sized so that you can work with them. A detailed instruction with images is included that guide you. Even beginners will quickly achieve an effective result.

Environmental idea

Making their own papyrus, young people are not only becoming proud of their work, but also get a feeling for the raw materials such as wood or plant and develop a sense for these resources. It is amazing to see the responses in the workshops that we conducted when students talk about their creating experience.

This way, one teaches history and at the same time create an awareness for sustainability.

Papyrus in the classroom

Many schools have put the making of this "ancient" Egyptian writing material part of their curriculum, as it is easier to learn by doing and producing something. Our student experiences has shown that they learn quickly, how difficult it is and how much energy and resources one needs to produce a sheet of "Paper", while it is relatively easy to produce a piece of papyrus. While trees need years to grow, papyrus grows in a year. When students create their own papyrus, they make a first hand experience, sometimes even label it using their names or personalize the sheet.