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The Roman Armor and the Roman Empire

Ancient Rome is characterized by the fact that the ancient Roman Empire was huge. This great expansion of the Roman Empire and the success of the Legionnaires in the conquest of the cities is due to the fact that they were a great army, had a great fighting technique, were fearless and unscrupulous, and above all, thanks to their equipment Before slash, and stitches were protected. Thus the Roman empire could spread more and more and more people all over the world belonged to the Roman empire.

The ancient Rome and its legionaries

The legionaries in the Roman Empire took a great deal of risk while they were on the raids to conquer new territories and make them part of the Roman Empire. They had to fight for their lives day after day and were celebrated when they came back successfully from a conquest. However, whoever is so successful as the Roman Empire has many enemies and territories, which are opposed to conquest. Therefore it was important that the legionaries were well protected under their armor and could not be killed by an assailant. Thanks to the great equipment with which the legionaries were dressed, they were protected from the arms of the others and, thanks to the nature of the equipment, could at the same time move flexibly and well, thus causing the attacker to escape. Would you like to know how the legionaries felt in their equipment, and how it feels to be clad as a true Roman legionary who fights and stands for his empire and his army? Would you like to become a Roman legionary and the atmosphere can feel and revive this exciting, past and fascinating time? Then put your own armor, make your own legionary armor, and return to a time of conquest, battles, the spread of the Roman Empire and legionaries.

Become a legionary

On the Roman shop pages you will find everything you need to create your own personal armor. Take, as the legionaries at that time, your measurements, in order to be able to adapt the armor perfectly and thus to be optimally protected from the assailants and set you free. They find everything they need to create a protective, original, individual chain shirt that represents your armor as a legionary. Imagine how you, as a man of the past, be measured as a brave and courageous legionary to make your personal chain shirt. Feel the excitement and the tension that surrounds you. With the utensils you find on the site, you can create your equipment and dream back into the days of the legionaries. Design your neck shirt with the utensils and close your eyes. Feel the excitement and excitement just before you get on your horse to fight for your army and conquer other territories? Imagine how you are going to the raid with your personal equipment, which is tailor-made for you, in order to return home as victor. Feel the equipment on your body and feel the way people in ancient Rome felt, who had the honor to stand for the army and carry this equipment with dignity.

Conquer, fight and dream

Grab the utensils you need and marvel at a great and breathtaking result. Their armor will be so similar to that of the legionaries in ancient Rome that one might think they came from this time. Enchant other people with your equipment and especially enchant yourself. Do you feel the armor flatter your body and protect you? Do you feel the safety you are giving? Close your eyes and feel like a Roman legionary. Pull in the fight, conquer cities and territories and come back as a winner back home. With this self-made armor you can get a piece of the ancient Roman empire home and can at any time become a person of this epoch. It is enough to wear the armor, close your eyes and feel the atmosphere. Let the past revive and become a part of yours. Fight under the name of the Roman Emperor and feel like the victors feel then.

Grab the utensils to create your own personal Roman armor and be enchanted.