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Writing like in ancient Rome and Egypt!

What an experience! Ancient handmade papyrus from Egypt or a genuine antique quill, parchment made of goat or sheep skin and an economical alternative to the writing book: the Roman wax tablet and matching Roman writing pens.

Nützliche Informationen über antike Schreibwaren

Advantages of our wax tablets

We have been manufacturing antique wax tablets for over 20 years and place great emphasis on the following:

Produced in Germany

Made according to archaeological model

Sustainable: Made from natural raw materials

Pure certified beeswax RAL 041 A.1.III

The RAL 041 quality mark guarantees high health and environmental compatibility.

How do I use my wax board?


With the pointed side of the stylus, using light pressure in "downward motions", scratch the letters into the wax.


The flat side of the stylus can be used to erase what has been written. To do this, take the stylus as shown and place your index finger on the flattened part of the stylus. In this way, you can smooth out the wax again with gentle pressure in a "pulling" motion.

Fun fact

The term "tabula rasa" comes from Roman times and the use of the wax tablet. It means "smoothly scraped slate" and is used as a figure of speech for "clearing the air".

How do I insert the tablets?

For educational purposes:

They can be used as an educational tool in schools or educational programmes to teach children and adults the history of writing and communication.

Reenactment and historical representation:

For events depicting the Roman Empire or similar historical periods, wax tablets can be used to enhance authenticity and historical accuracy.
They can be used as props or used by the performers.

Gift for history enthusiasts:

For people who have a strong interest in history and ancient cultures, a wax tablet could be a fascinating gift to place on their desk or use as part of a historical prop collection.

Useful information about antique stationery

Egyptian papyrus

Papyrus was the most important material for writing in Roman antiquity and was produced purely by hand then, as it still is today. Papyrus shrubs grew along the Nile and were used to produce the writing medium as early as the third millennium BC. Greeks and Romans were convinced by the advantages of papyrus. Even in modern times, important documents are recorded on a papyrus roll due to the longevity of the material. Because papyrus and parchment, bring even today the ideal properties of a writing medium. And you can even make papyrus yourself! For example, antique bookmarks made from it. This is not only a pleasure for Roman lovers and friends of the ancient world. Especially for school classes, the topics for Latin lessons or the insight into history are ideally suited around the ancient stationery.

Papyrus Plant
parchment animal skin

Natural parchment

The robust parchment is also perfect for binding books in, with an individual parchment cover. The material can also be designed with all kinds of color materials: Whether watercolors, acrylic or simply with felt pens, let your imagination run wild when designing your own antique treasures!
Scrolls reveal ancient secrets on these pages of the Roman Shop and historical inks let marvel. Or how about a journey into the ancient world of writing, where seals and sealing wax still kept correspondence secret?

Documents on a real papyrus or parchment with a seal modeled on the ancient world take on a very special and nostalgic value. Parchment or papyrus are also ideal as stationery with a very individual charm.

Ancient scrolls

The world of ancient Roman writings is an exciting field of discovery. The Roman wax tablets, for example, are made exclusively in Germany, in pure manual labor. The ecological idea should be explained: A written wax tablet can be written on again and again and is written on and smoothed out again with the stylus. This is not the only reason why the wax tablet was used for notes and messages until the high Middle Ages.

Ancient writing

Here again the individual categories for stationery:


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