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Writing like the Romans!

What an experience! Antique, handmade papyrus from Egypt or a genuine antique quill, parchment made of goat or sheep skin and an economical alternative to the writing book: the Roman wax tablet and matching Roman writing pens ...

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The world of the ancient Roman writings is an exciting field of discovery. As so many other of our products, the Roman wax tablets are manually produced by skilled people. Why is it economical and environmentally friendly: wax tablets are rewritable. Use the same stylus for writing and re-smoothening the wax surface. For these economical reasons, wax tablets were in use up until the High Middle Ages.

You can also make a journey into the ancient world using Roman seals and sealing wax and keep your correspondence a secret as the Romans did. Documents receive a special character and value, once they are written on genuine papyrus or parchment and sealed with your Roman seal. Indeed, parchment and papyrus are ideally suited as a stationery with very individual charm.

Natural parchment

You can also discover real, robust parchment. It is ideal to be included in books as an individual parchment cover. The material can also be adapted using all sorts of colouring materials: watercolour, acrylic colours, or simply use felt-tip pens, let your imagination work.

Roman stationary

Get the real feel for the writing materials of the Romans, one of the wax tablet that come in various styles and sizes, just as we know them from antiquity, and use the matching Roman writing pen, the stylus...

Egyptian papyrus

Yet, in antiquity, papyrus was the most important material to use for writing. Today, still, the product is handmade. On the Nile, the Papyrus grows every year and, ever since the third millennium B.C. has been used for the production of this writing medium. Greeks and Romans were convinced of the advantages of papyrus. Even in modern times, important documents are written on a papyrus roll because of its longevity and its beauty. We even provide you not only with the final handmade product, we also offer sets with which you can produce your own papyrus sheet or roll. In addition, we have a range of antique bookmarks in stock. They are a joy not only for the reader of Latin, but for any lover of antiquity. They are particularly suitable for rewards when teaching students Latin or History, and because of their modest price can be given to entire classes.