Wooden sword and helmets

The small dagger you find here on the web pages ‘Roman games’ - presented by Roman shop - is made of genuine wood, measuring just 34 centimeters in length.

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Wooden swords and helmets - ludi romani

Or would you rather like to own the true "gladius" sword, standard equipment for the Roman legionnaire, 53 centimeters long? This true sample of a Roman sword is thoroughly handcrafted after archeological specimens, using solid beech. Our elaborately manufactured weapon is an exact copy of the primary sword in use by Roman foot soldiers, known by the name ?gladius?. This model of a short sword was developed in 3rd century B.C. from celtiberian precursor types and went on being produced until into the 3rd century A.D. The gladius replica offered has been fully glued and features a well-oiled surface finish. The handle has been artfully turned. The paint follows the historical design as well!

Roman helmet created from cut-out cardboard for birthday parties and school

In addition to the gladius we present on the webpages of our Roman shop under the category ?Roman games? a model of the Roman legionnaire helmet known as ?galea? for children, to be created by themselves in a creative approach as cut-out from cardboard. Imagine what an adventure they will have at a birthday party or as a little re-enactment event within school lessons in history! Even very little kids are capable of putting together this realistically looking Roman helmet, there is no glue needed for completion.

Equipped with gladius or the wooden dagger, guarded by a colorful toy shield, on to staging ancient battle! Certainly the Roman legionnaire helmet adds greatly to the atmosphere of this event. You find this cardboard model on our Roman shop webpages. You will notice the printed metallic surface is looking quite authentical and children will simply love it for that. It is easy as pie to build the ?galea? model helmet: you cut out the printed shapes, drill the holes and connect the parts by stapling them together.

You may adjust the size of the helmet individually after the needs of its bearer. Ready we are for combat as a gladiator or legionnaire - so let the kids get lost in the wild times of bravery in the arena or the antique battle field.

Roman swords and helmets

There is no combat thinkable in antiquity without this small weapon, called ?pugio?. Roman legionnaires had this sort of dagger ready as secondary weapon, carried on their side at the ?cingulum?, being a military belt. From 2nd century B.C. on the ?pugio? found use in the Roman military equipment, after evolving from Iberian design. It succeded the earlier model ?parazonium? which had been in use before, a Roman dagger with tapering point.

The handcrafted replica of a Roman ?pugio? is manufactured from solid beech wood and was given an turned handle, all consisting of firmly glued wooden parts. The toy dagger follows tightly the design as it has reached us by unearthened and reconstructed remains of an original Roman legionnaire equipment.