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Allow yourself to be transported back to the Roman era with a tunic or toga

Would you like to revive the style of Greek antiquity? The tunic comes from this time and makes the antiquity come alive, just like a time machine. These clothes appear in many historical films, because tunics were worn by the Romans for a long time and the Greeks before them. These traditional clothes also appeared among the Vikings and in the Middle Ages, but these garments are still worn even today on certain occasions. The academic gown, for instance, is one example of this antique fashion. The tunic is particularly suitable for events where history plays an important role. It fits into Roman, Viking or Medieval festivals and returns the participants back to these times. In the case of demonstrations in museums and school projects on the Roman age, tunics and other objects from ancient times facilitate the depiction of past events. Most spectators and participants are more than happy to go on a journey to ancient Rome in this way. This clothing can also be worn as a casual evening dress or to a costume ball.

Sytle and material

What style did the clothes have in which the Romans went to Circus Maximus and what material were they made of? The tunic usually consists of two rectangular cloths and the early forms had no sleeves. Initially, these pieces of fabric were held together by brooches (fibulae) which you can also buy from us. Due to the resulting wearing comfort our tunics do not utilize these fibulae, instead the two cloths are sewn together at the shoulder. We also offer a model with short or long sleeves. Tunics originally consisted of pure wool or linen, which is why we manufacture this piece of clothing from 100% cotton and fine linen. Our tunics can therefore be washed more easily and have less weight than the original garment while wearing. The re-enactment quality of our cotton gives this garment a more original appearance. Our customers can choose in which role of a historical person they want to slip into, because these clothes not only protect from the weather, they also show the social status. We offer this Roman fashion in white, red or with red stripes. You can also buy these clothes with Roman Clavi from us.

Renaissance of Roman products

We sell a wide range of Roman daily necessities to revive and illustrate ancient history. We offer fashion and jewelry in the style of Roman times to those who want to dress and decorate themselves according to the prevailing taste of that era. If you are interested in the cosmetics of former times, then you can also buy the tools of ancient beauty salons from us. The Romans not only preserved their beauty, but also their health, which is why we also offer medical instruments from the Roman times. If you would like to furnish your apartment in the design of ancient Rome, then you've come to the right place. These pieces of furniture will make you feel as if you were living in a Roman villa. Would you rather invest in ancient currencies? Buy Roman coins and a matching purse as well. In addition to tunics Fans of the Roman times can also buy numerous articles from the Roman age from us.

Time travel with us

The tunic is an important part of every outfit from the Roman age, but you can round off this appearance with Roman sandals. An authentic belt can also be bought to hold the garment. You can find many everyday items from the Roman age in our Roman shop.