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Back to Roman times with tunic and toga

Want to bring the style of antiquity to life? The tunic is from that period and brings the ancient world to life like a time machine. This garment appears in many historical films. The tunic was worn by the Romans and the Greeks before them. It also appears with the Vikings and in the Middle Ages. It is still worn today on certain occasions. The gown, for example, has its origins in this ancient fashion. The tunic is particularly suitable for events where history plays a role. It is suitable for Roman, Viking or Medieval festivals, transporting participants back in time. For museum demonstrations and school projects based on the Roman era, the tunic and other items from antiquity make it easier to imagine the events of the time. Countless spectators and participants enjoy being transported back to ancient Rome in this way. This garment can also be worn as a casual evening dress or to a fancy dress ball.

Cut and material

What was the cut and material of the garments worn by the Romans in the Circus Maximus? The tunic consists of two rectangular pieces of cloth. The early form had no sleeves. In the beginning these cloths were held together by clasps (fibulae), which you can buy from us. For reasons of comfort, our tunic does not use fibulae. The two pieces of cloth are sewn together at the shoulder. We also offer a version with short or long sleeves. The tunic was originally made from pure wool or linen. We make it in 100% cotton and fine linen. The tunic is therefore easier to wash and weighs less when worn than the original garment. The re-enactment quality of our cotton gives this garment an even more original effect. Our customers can choose which role they would like to play as these garments not only protected them from the weather but also showed their social status. We offer Roman clothing in white, red or with red stripes. You can also get these clothes with Roman clavi.

Renaissance Roman Products

We sell a wide range of Roman everyday items to make history come alive. For those interested in dressing and adorning themselves according to the tastes of the time, we offer fashion and jewellery in the style of Roman antiquity. Those interested in the cosmetics of the period will find the tools of the ancient beauty parlours. The Romans did not only care about their beauty, but also about their health. That's why we also stock Roman medical instruments. If you want to decorate your home in the style of Roman antiquity, you will find what you need in our shop. These furnishings will make you feel like you are in a Roman villa. Would you rather invest in ancient finances? Buy Roman coins and the matching purse. In addition to the tunic, fans of the Roman era will also find many other items from that era.

Time travel with us

The tunic is an important part of the Roman outfit. Roman sandals complete the look. A stylish belt adds support to your outfit. If you are curious about Roman fashion, you will find it in our Roman shop, along with many everyday items from the Roman era.

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