Papyrus production

Explore ancient Egypt with their students. Students build their own real finds and antique artifacts in class.

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Papyrus production is easy and fun!

Or simply make the ancient writing material Papyrus with the pupils themselves. You can also find everything you need for your lesson in the set of instructional materials on the pages. Also for describing the material you will find here resourceful. On the pages of instructional material Egypt, you will find a lot more like an Egyptian scribe palette with natural bristles. Write like the ancient Egyptians! If this does not fascinate the students and kidnap into the world of ancient ancestors!

Historicals bring old Egypt to life

For the younger students you will find so-called historicals for self-construction on the pages of the Romershops teaching material Egypt. These are made of solid paper, which can be used to recreate Nefertiti or Cleopatra. The figures are authentic to the historical model and are about nine to 13 centimeters in size. All the historical details are not only archaeological, but you can also use the colorful templates to recreate real scenes from the history! So you can create a stage with the students, create a historical setting, and the Egyptian theater can begin with all the movable accessories, such as helmets, weapons or bags! There are no limits to the imagination.

Creative in history lessons Egypt

Let the students of your history or art lessons experience Egypt creatively! For this purpose, we have on the following page under the heading Teaching Material Egypt, for example, bookmarks from genuine Egyptian Papyrus, which the students can paint especially with watercolors or tempera. This may, of course, be Egyptian motifs, such as the coloring pages of the gods Isis, Maat, or Anubis.

And there is also a template with Egyptian hieroglyphs with which the bookmarks can be designed. Or take and the students a stamp with the authentic Egyptian characters! You will see that the students will have a completely different approach to the historical and will be proud of their specially designed works.