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New - Reduced shipment at the Roman Shop!

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Schools and authorities can order conveniently on account.

Private customers are welcome to order via Ratepay invoice purchase (Paypal service).

Eigenmarke Forum Traiani vom Römer Shop

Own brand

Our registered trademark FORUM TRAIANI stands for local and social production and largely plastic-free packaging.

20 years of experience

A large archaeological network combined with the collaboration of schools and museums, gives us a wealth of inspiring information that brings our products to life.

Second life Verpackungen im Römer Shop


Second life for all cardboard boxes. We recycle all cardboard boxes from our deliveries to us and use them as packaging material. So every cardboard box gets a second chance.

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What our customers say

Centurio Markus N.

Centurion Markus N.

Roman reenactment

The lovingly and authentically designed products from the Roman Shop have been with me for years and even decades in the field of ancient reenactment. As a centurion in a Roman military unit until a few years ago, the stationery, in particular, from wax tablets to papyrus rolls, was extremely helpful for high-quality performances and presentations at museum festivals, in re-enactments and for museum educational work.

Carnuntum Kinderfest

Carnuntum Museum

Children's festival

Young Roman enthusiasts can immerse themselves in the Roman past with numerous fun activities. Products from the Römer Shop are regularly used successfully for this great event. Year after year, children of all ages can describe and learn about wax tablets and real papyrus.

Römer Museum

Dominikaner Museum

Satisfied customers

The Dominican Museum Rottweil shows life in the only Roman town in Baden-Württemberg in its "Roman rottweil - arae flaviae" section. We have long been a customer of the Römershop for our own museum store and are convinced of the high and, above all, consistent quality of the products. The entire team always looks forward to new products and our store becomes an attraction for our visitors thanks to good replicas.

Römer Schreibstube

Roman writing

Papyrus - scroll - wax tablet

The everyday equipment with glasses and ceramics is also really well made and has survived the tough everyday life of a soldier. In general, the selection of products is really sensational and offers unique products from the Roman era for many age groups and requirements, from hardcore legionnaires to little Roman fans of primary school age.

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We bring history to life

Why should we be satisfied with old history books when we can explore the past in a lively way?

The Roman Shop is no a ordinary online shop, but a kind of magical time machine that takes us back to the glorious era of antiquity

Behind every product is the idea, to make history more exciting, more touchable and more comprehensible.

Whether you are a teacher who wants to bring your classroom to life, a family planning a children's birthday party, a history enthusiast who wants to enrich their collection, or a museum that wants to expand its shop assortment,

- the Roman Shop is the ideal place to find all this

Living history with passion

Have you ever dreamed of slipping into the role of a Roman?

We offer a basic range of Roman clothing, extensive selection in the area of live and living, plus everyday objects and much more to bring the past to live in a touchable way.

When you walk around in a tunic or eat from an original Roman pottery, you will immediately feel transported to the time of Caesar, Augustus and other ancient celebrities.
The products in the Roman Shop are more than just merchandise - they are a ticket to a passed world full of living stories and culture.

The ancient world: an educational paradise

Are you looking for innovative ways, to get your students excited about history?

Our shop offers a wealth of resources to enrich and take history teaching to a new level.

With craft models of ancient buildings, replicas of artefacts and creative teaching materials, history is brought to life in an extraordinary way.

Your students will love, exploring the world of the Egyptians, Greeks and Romans using their own hands - an experience no schoolbook site can provide.

Convincing quality is our concern

Our focus is not only on diversity and thematic range, but also on the quality of our products.
Each product is born from an idea in our minds and evolves over time into a prototype and finally into an affordable item for you the customer.
Carefully and critically we examine the goods we acquire for our range before they are available for you to order in our shop.

The Roman Shop is a true paradise for all, who want quality at fair prices and want to deepen their knowledge about the ancient world.

Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of antiquity and discover the joy that comes from sharing this passion with others.