Ancient Magnets

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Magnets that have it in them

On these pages of the Römershops you will find magnets and coasters, which are also suitable as small murals, with authentic antique motifs under the heading Museum Shop and Gift Ideas. The magnets with Roman decor are suitable both as a base for a drink and as a decorative mural! In any case, they are an unusual gift for all lovers of the historical and especially Roman antiquity.

In vino veritas - A magnet that speaks ancient words

Even the finest Roman magnets made of marble adorn every refrigerator and every shelf and set a nice accent! The magnets are designed with well-known sayings from Roman times: In vino veritas, for example, or "Quo vadis?", "Errare humanum est" or "The dice have been cast" - "Alea iacta est". "Carpe diem!" is certainly a good companion to the day: "Live the day!" ... But look around and see which motto suits you and the contents of your glass or refrigerator!

Maybe: "He came, saw and won?" ?