Wax tablets & stylus

...what an exceptional writing experience! Using a stylus to draw letters and numbers on a soft beeswax, just like the Romans wrote their notes.

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Wax tablets & stylus

The selection of antique wax tablets replica in The Roman Shop allows us to follow the footsteps of antique scribes.

German craftsmanship from beech wood

All our Roman wax tablets are manufactured exclusively in Germany, each individually made by hand. The wax tablets can all be reused, applying the same stylus either as writing or smoothening instrument. For its reusability, the wax tablet was used into the High Middle Ages for writing notes and exchanging messages.

Every single wax table is made from solid beech wood, then finely filled with real beeswax.

Slates - another success story

Wax tablets, matching pens and pencils were considered standard equipment in ancient businesses: In addition, slates were used, because of their optimal writing surface for simple notes or school exercises. Much of the eventful history of the Roman Empire had probably remained unknown, if some of the slate plates had not survived. Into the 20th century, slate plates were used in most primary schools across Europe.

Wax boards today

Today, we do no longer need to use beeswax writing tablets, a stylus or slate plates. The industry produces cheap, though resource intensive paper. And yet, wax tablets remain highly popular. Not only people interested in ancient cultures, but also those who look for something very special. In addition to their undeniably practical use, it is their look and smell which appeal to one’s eye.

The broad range of wax tablets and slate plates

The diptych, a double Roman wax tablet, was regarded by the Greeks and Romans as the conventual notebook and it can still be used today as such. In our section, you will find wax panels – individuals, doubles, but also books with five double sided wax panels. Each wax tablet is made from high-quality, natural and authentic materials. This includes the robust beech wood as well as the natural beeswax, with which the writing surface is prepared.

Furthermore, we have a broad range of blackboards in various colours and finishes.

Tracing antiquity with a wax tablet

Many inventions of ancient times are still of use today. Some were refined or adapted to modern needs. Of course, the ancient Greeks had no computer, but the wax tablet can be seen as precursor of today's computers. Writing, rewriting, communication were already core activities that made history.