The Wolf and the Seven Little Goats, cardboard model making

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Each kit contains several pages of high quality and environmentally friendly 100% recycled paper. All you need is scissors and glue. Including instructions with pictures

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Handicraft Template The Wolf and the Seven Little Geisslein

Do you know the beautiful fairy tale of the evil wolf and the seven little Geisslein? With this model bow you can play it.

There stands our old Geiss. She carries a basket on her back and holds a rake in her paw. Of course, she wants to go into the forest to get food for her seven young little goats. Each one has a voracious mouth. Everyone complains impatiently because they are hungry. It is not so far into the forest. But the mother doesn't like to leave home. Then there is the evil wolf who loves to eat young goat meat. If he would come now, if the mother is not at home! Mother Geiss shakes her head worriedly. She complains to her children. She wants to talk to them.

Now everyone is there. Even the smallest. Dear children, says the mother goat, soon you shall have your food. I'll get it right away in the woods. Beware of the evil wolf at home! He is clever! He can knock on the door and want to come in. Maybe he's begging and lying. Don't open it! That would be your death! The little goats listen well. They promise: The wolf will stay outside. We won't let him in. Satisfied, the mother goes into the forest.

After a while there is a rumble at the door. Who is it? Outside someone shouts: "Open calmly, I am your mother, everyone should get something good. That's surely the wolf! the little goats are scared. This deep voice! The door remains locked. The wolf trots growling to the grocer. He lets himself weigh some chalk and makes his voice fine with it. Afterwards he knocks on the door again. The little goats hear it inside. They look sharply at the little window. There lies a black paw. It certainly belongs to the wolf! So the high voice of the wolf is of no use. Again the wolf sneaks away. Where to? First to the baker: Spread dough on this paw! Then to the miller: Please spread flour on it! With the white foot the wolf deceives the stupid little goats. The door opens.

Oh, the wolf is here! We all drive together! The bad guy shows his teeth. Wupp, everyone has fled, one under the table, one behind the bed, one behind the oven, one in the kitchen next door, one in the closet, one even under the washing bucket and the last, the smallest, in the box of the wall clock. The wolf looks for everyone, swallows them one by one in his throat. But he doesn't find the smallest one. Then he sneaks away. Outside he lies lazily under a tree. Now he is already snoring.

The mother returns. The room is empty. What a mess! Geisslein! Dear little Geisslein! Where are you? Mother Geiss finds her youngest in the watch box. It tells of the wolf! Where is he then? Outside by the tree! There he sleeps soundly. What does the good mother do? With scissors she cuts the villain's thick belly open. The little goats come out wriggling. None has suffered any damage. Now they are dragging stones along. The wolf's belly fills up and is sewn up. Wolf, sleep on!

Finally he awakes. Thirstily he wobbles to the nearby well. Plops! What has happened? Stupid wolf, you have plumped forward into the water. You must leave your life in the well! Hey, like all flagellants dance with joy, because the evil wolf has drowned and only stretches his legs out of the well.

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