Snow White and the seven dwarfs, cardboard model making

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Each kit contains several pages of high quality and environmentally friendly 100% recycled paper. All you need is scissors and glue. Including instructions with pictures

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Handicraft pattern Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Once upon a time there was a proud queen. She could not bear that someone could be more beautiful than her. The girl in the picture is Snow White. The queen was his stepmother. Snow White was very pretty and got prettier every day. The queen had a mirror. Sometimes she stood in front of it and asked him: Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the most beautiful one in the whole country? She smiled contentedly when the mirror answered: "Queen, you are the most beautiful in the land! But one day the mirror answered differently: "Queen, you are the most beautiful here, but Snow White is a thousand times more beautiful than you!

The queen became angry. Now she hated Snow White. She could no longer find peace. Finally she called a hunter and sent him with the child out into the forest. There the man was supposed to kill Snow White. But the hunter had pity. He was therefore glad that he met a small wild boar outside in the forest. He brought bloody animal meat home and let Snow White go.

Snow White ran far into the forest. Finally it found a little house. It was surprising that everything looked so nice. Many people had to live here, because the table was set for seven people. Seven beds were ready. Tired it lay down to rest.

The men who owned the Waldhaus came home late. There were seven dwarves. They marvelled at the sleeping guest. But in the morning they asked Snow White to stay with them. It was supposed to get them the house, cook, bed, sew, knit. That's what Snow White wanted to do.

From her mirror at home the evil queen learned that Snow White was still alive. She disguised herself. As an old grocer she sneaked around the dwarf house and offered beautiful laces. She strangled Snow White with a ribbon until it turned pale. Then she hurried away. But soon the dwarves came home and helped the lifeless child. The queen disguised herself a second time. She came back in a jacket and this time offered a poisonous comb to buy. Hardly combed, Snow White sank down. It was lucky that the dwarves were soon back to help him.

For the third time the evil grocer came. Now she wore a long coat. She gave the child a red apple. Snow White ate it, but turned as white as snow. The dwarves soon came back and found Snow White lying dead on the ground. This time they could no longer help. They built a glass coffin. Everyone was very sad; even the owl on the roof was crying.

After some time a king's son came into the forest and found the dwarf house. He also saw Snow White in the glass coffin. He asked the dwarves for the dead Snow White. As one wanted to carry it away in the coffin, Snow White awoke. Now everything went well after all.

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