Gods from past cultures

Roman Gods are helpers in every situation of life, protect against evil, enhance a minute of love, balance harmony in nature, provide fertility, give luck or simply care for home that they decorate!

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Roman gods - Greek gods

On the following pages you will find a wide selection of Roman busts, Roman gods, deities and statues of the ancient Pantheon and reliefs. Enjoy the stories and myths around the Gods and ancient rulers! Take Cybele, Fortuna, or Venus to go on a journey of discovery into the world of Roman mythology.

Detailed finest Alabaster plaster statues

Most of the statues are cast in genuinely patinated Alabaster plaster and modelled according to archaeological finds from ancient times. For example, the decorative and very delicate goddess Juno, associated with birth and marriage – a wonderful wedding gift or a present for a partner who has given birth! Juno was the highest of all the Roman gods, the wife of Jupiter. She, therefore, was the patron of the capital Rome and gave the summer month her name. The original that we used for this beautifully crafted representation of the goddess Juno dates back to the 2nd century A.D., found in a villa rustica in the year 1878 at Leudersdorf, Germany. If you want to make a comparison and discover the detailed replica crafting, take you piece to the Rheinisches Landesmuseum in the famous Roman city of Trier, and have a stroll around this city with monuments from Emperor Constantine I, preserved to our days.

There is still more to discover and to learn about Roman deities on these pages of busts and reliefs of The Roman Shop.

A wide variety of Gods are in our store!

Here you will find one of the largest replica collections of artifacts of ancient Greek and Roman gods. Almost all gods are represented: Athena Minerva, Zeus-Jupiter, Poseidon-Neptune, Hermes-Mercury, Aphrodite-Venus, Hera-Juno, Dionysos-Bacchus, Artemis-Diana, Eros-Amor, Apollo, Asclepius, Nike-Victoria, Hypnos Somnus, ARES-Mars, Pan, just to name a few of the most famous ones on our shelves. Most of the Greek and Roman gods and goddesses have very similar attributes, but different names in Greek and Roman mythology. It is interesting to note that the Romans’ worshipped around 24 main gods, of which around 12 were borrowed from the Greeks to which they gave new names.