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Other Pottery

Ancient pottery

Romans did not have sugar to sweeten their food as we have today. They used honey to add sweetness to their culinary delights. Accordingly, in Roman antiquity there were wonderful honey pots that adorned the kitchen.

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Roman pottery

On the "Other Pottery" pages under Pottery and Ceramics in the Roman Shop you will find, for example, a replica of a traditional Roman clay honey pot from the 1st century A.D. The cream-coloured pot with two handles is a particularly beautiful specimen, and the colour scheme is also exceptionally beautiful. But keep looking, because there is much more to discover under 'Other pottery'!

For example, a replica of a Roman Qumran scroll jar, dating from the 1st century B.C. to the 1st century A.D. These typical Roman Qumran scroll clay jars were once used to store the oldest Dead Sea Bible manuscripts. These Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered between 1947 and 1956 in eleven rock caves near the ruined site of Khirbit Qumran in the West Bank. They comprise some 15,000 fragments of some 850 scrolls from ancient Judaism, inscribed by at least 500 different scribes between 250 BC and 40 AD. Among them are some 200 texts of the later Tanakh, the oldest known manuscripts of the Bible. They were stored in jars in caves to protect them from Roman invaders. Ancient scrolls have also been found in other caves near the western shore of the Dead Sea, for example in Wadi Murabba'at (20 km south of Qumran) in 1952, at Masada from 1963, in Nachal Chever, in Wadi Sdeir and Nachal Ze'elim (1960), and in Nachal Arugot in 2004. Our pottery, modelled on the originals, is exclusively hand thrown on the potter's wheel.

Unique Roman pottery

Each piece is unique, just as in ancient times! The clay jars on these pages under "Pottery and Ceramics" of the Roman Shop are a stately 22 centimetres high and have an outer diameter of eleven centimetres: plenty of room for your Roman papyrus and scrolls, which you can also buy written or blank on these pages of the Roman Shop. A real treat and a real rarity for all fans of Roman times and antiquity, as well as archaeology and the Bible! And to ensure exclusivity, we produce the vessels for the scrolls only in small series. And there is much more to discover: Go ahead!

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