Domitian Aureus - ancient roman emperor coins replica

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This reproduction of a gold coin is made from lead-free pewter. Included is a bookmark showing Domitian.

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Aureus of Domitian roman coin replica

The small golden goin (golden = aureus), the aureus, was the most valuable coin of ancient Rome, valued at 25 silver denarii. The aureus was regularly issued from the 1st century BC to the beginning of the 4th century AD, when it was replaced by the so-called solidus. The aureus was about the same size as the denarius, but heavier due to the higher density of gold.

The replica Aureus coin shows the laureate head of emperor Domitian on the obverse and an upright cornucopia on the reverse.

Domitian reigned from 81–96 AD as Roman emperor and was the last of the Flavian dynasty. First in the shadow of his brother Titus who won the First Jewish war. When Vespasian died in 79 and Titus became fatally ill in 81, Domitian was declared Emperor by the Praetorian Guard. Domitian strengthened the economy by revaluing the Roman coinage, expanded the border defenses of the Empire, and initiated a massive building program to restore the damaged city of Rome. Significant wars were fought in Britain, where his general Agricola attempted to conquer Caledonia (Scotland), and in Dacia. He saw himself as the new Augustus, an enlightened despot. Religious, military, and cultural propaganda as on our coin fostered a personal emperor’s cult, and by nominating himself perpetual censor, he sought to control public and private morals. According to Suetonius, he was the first Roman Emperor who had demanded to be addressed as dominus et deus (master and god). Harsh against Jews, he was also suspicious for the Roman Senate. Finally in 96, he was assassinated by court officials. The same day he was succeeded by his advisor Nerva who, for example, revised the tax laws against the Jews (fiscus Iudaicus).

This is a replica of an ancient Roman coin of the emperor Domitian.

  • Diameter: approx. 20mm

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