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Cut out paper models rome

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Cut out paper models rome - Cut out paper models rome

Important places of history

Whoever is concerned with the history of our time will very quickly find that this is characterized by different epochs with very different places of interest.
In addition to special buildings, there are also special buildings (for example, warships), which were regarded as very significant for individual periods. Here, important battles were held or important meetings of different groups were organized.
Due to the historical significance of many places - both inside and outside Europe - they are still regarded today as world-famous places of interest and places, which are often visited by numerous holidaymakers.

Make your own historical dream come true

If extensive stories about the times of the time are not enough for you and you would like to experience the life of that time even more intensively then you can fulfill your own history. Thanks to the numerous crafts templates, you have the opportunity to truly revive the different epochs of history in your home. You can always choose between buildings, ships, figures and other representations in the various templates. In this way, you can not only build your desired facets but also combine them individually. Depending on the space available and your ambition, you can create whole cities and / or ramparts, which can always be further extended. And the beautiful thing: this scene is truly unique and unique, so that your buildings will be truly unique!

High quality craftsmanship - from simple to sophisticated

The various craft templates are all made of environmentally friendly paper or cardboard and are reproduced in detail. All the individual parts have high-quality paintings, which make the whole structure a very special work of art. The individual elements are pre-punched into the cardboard box, so you can easily remove them with light pressure. These parts are then inserted into each other so that no adhesives are necessary either. Of course, every manual is accompanied by a manual in German and English to simplify the actual construction. While the templates differed on the one hand in the quantity of different items, they also show different difficulty levels. So there are craft templates in the levels "simple", "medium" and "challenging". It goes without saying that all bows are designed in such a way that you do not need any additional materials (scissors, adhesives or other aids). This way you can start your individual project directly after receipt of these templates!

The perfect crafting fun for families and groups

The bowels not only bring joy to individual hobbyists, but will also inspire whole families or other groups. Especially in the case of larger specimens or entire construction areas, it is quite sensible to experience and cope with these tasks in a team. This is the reason why ideas can be exchanged during the crafting phase and construction proposals can be voiced. Some handicrafts can already be used by young craft fans, since an age recommendation from 5 years is described here. Thus, these templates are also suitable as family projects in which the entire clan is not only much fun and encourages cohesion, but also much is learned about the time. But also in history lessons, these masterclasses will provide true enthusiasm among the pupils, since they represent life at that time in a completely plastic way.

Craft ideas Romans

craft idears - Bastel bow to the Roman history
The Historical make history come alive! A very simple and very entertaining way of bringing Roman history to children is provided by the wonderful Historical Figures from the Roman Shop!

Great basics ideas Romans will also inspire you

The history of Rome and / or the Romans is not only interesting for adults, but also for children, who are interested in this epoch when they are approached in a child-friendly way. The craft idears Romans from our online shop are suitable for both school and private lessons. In addition to Roman figures such as an empress or a Roman legion, they can also resurrect entire cities or the Coliseum. Playfully, the children immerse themselves into the story, they learn more quickly and simply, because the Roman bas-elite will bring this era to life.

With our craft idears bring Romans and Rome back to life

With the aid of our kits, Rome, its buildings and, of course, the inhabitants will come to life again. In the group alone or better, a world is created which stimulates the imagination of the children; they become a legionary, a gladiator, or a Roman empress. They build a Roman village, a watchtower or a Roman castellan with the help of our craft idears. Our basic arches fulfill even the most exacting requirements. Even small children can easily make the mentioned structures and figures with a little help. In a school class one can thus make the lessons much more intuitive. In groups, for example, the students in history lessons can recreate the Pantheon or the Coliseum. Children usually identify themselves very quickly with the figure assigned to them, in their imagination the colorful activity on the streets of Rome will come to life again. In the Coliseum the gladiators fight for glory and glory, while the Empress and the Emperor are watching them. The situation is similar with the Roman villages or the Watchtower. craft idears  Römer, which inspire young and old craftsmanship arches and kits from a wide range of materials such as sturdy paper, wood or leather. Our assortment includes, among other things, detailed kits. A Roman catapult can be reproduced exactly. It is ideal for bringing the far-reaching technique of the Romans closer to the children.
Our craft idears made of wood are suitable for children from 6 years. True to the original models, little collectors' hearts can be beat faster, the children can keep them in a showcase or even use them in the school to illustrate the lessons. Our Bcraft idears also help your child to loosen up a short lecture in the history lesson. A sandal of light leather is also very suitable. The self-assembly kit awakens not only the creativity of the kids, they can wear the sandals even on their own. Like all of our Bastelideen Romans, this set is also suitable for teaching history. History is alive, thanks to our craft idears Romans are great for school teaching. If you want to teach your pupils the Roman Empire with all its many facets vividly, then use our products. Children learn best when rigid lessons are relaxed by sight objects. Parents or teachers have the opportunity, with our Roman baskets, to teach their children the story. The children learn more about the life of the Romans, while at the same time they can use the models that come from our basic arches. Do not hesitate to buy one or more craft idears and make it easier for your students or children to learn.