Cardboard model making Roman gladiator Murmillo, Histricals

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The Murmillo (murma = fish of the sea) was armed with a gladius. The Murmillo fought mostly against the Retiarius.

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Spartacus – the most famous Gladiator Murmillo

Spartacus is one of the most well-known persons of ancient history. He was the leader of a slave rebellion against the Roman Empire and the most famous gladiator of antiquity there is. His spectacular escape together with 79 other gladiators from the gladiator-school of Capua in the year 73 BCE is still fascinating people today. It led to the movie-adaptations of those events and even the development of the famous ballet “Spartacus”. The claim to fame was that Spartacus, as a Gladiator Murmillo, belonged to the superstars among gladiators in the arenas of that era. 

  • Colored Murmillo paper craft instructions Historicals
  • Several sheets á 30 x 21 cm
  • Figure height ca. 9-13 cm 
  • First-class print quality
  • Self-explaining manual
  • Suitable for the ages: 6+

Gladiator Murmillo – the most famous type of gladiator

The Gladiator Murmillo is one of the oldest types of gladiator, he was armed with the short sword (Gladius – the name-giver for the fighters) and a large, curved, rectangular shield. He looked very much like a soldier of the Roman legion infantry. Additionally, he wore a helmet decorated with colorful feathers, which looked a bit like a fish – explaining the name “Murma”, meaning fish of the sea. Gladiator Murmillo most often engaged in battle with members of another very famous gladiator type, the Retiarius. Those were really peculiar gladiators, armed with a net (rete) and trident (tridens). You can imagine that these battles were treated as a highlight of the fighting arena back then. Although the gladiators were often “just” slaves, they were also very exciting personalities for old Rome. 

Handicraft instructions Gladiator Murmillo – the ideal introduction into the world of Roman history

The colored handicraft instructions “Historicals Murmillo” of the new line “Historicals” of Forum Traiani do not only have historical and archaeological back-up, they are also very special because great care was taken to the tiniest and most authentic details. In this way, the toy is well-suited for a playful introduction of a child into the exciting world of history. Parents have the occasion to engage the child’s interested into our cultural past by additionally telling short stories of ancient Rome and the famous world of the gladiators.

Handicraft instructions Gladiator Murmillo – a solid base for the development of infant fine motor skills

The handicraft instructions Gladiator Murmillo are made from sturdy, silk-mat cardboard. Being able to assemble, they are indeed suitable for children aged six years and older. It is especially important to stimulate fine motor skills during this age, as the development of fine motor skills is directly connected to the development of mental abilities. Additionally, the three-dimensional Historicals figures have mobile, removable helmets and swords, which stimulate the spatial imagination. Due to this, the Gladiator Murmillo is indeed the best option for the whole family to learn while having fun, to spend time together, to communicate and explore new things. Exactly this combination is an important base for the development of your child.

The Murmillo (murma = fish of the sea) was armed with a gladius. The Murmillo fought mostly against the Retiarius.

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