Quiénes Somos

A dream come true!

We make no secret out of it: we love and life history.

And much more! Because we are both fascinated and inspired by the STORIES behind the story! 
So we started over 15 years ago to make small work pieces from the Roman time for ourselves. A wax tablet was "born" and with a stylus, we showed to people how to write in ancient times.

Things did not stay long, because we were always addressed it, because where you could purchase something like this. 
Well, we thought, and started! A small, first Roman Shop product line was born. 
Today, the Roman Shop carries nearly 1000 products from the ancient world and in every historical work that is brought to life through our hands we put our pride and our passion. 
We love what we do and want to share it with you.

And not just with you. We also support such as schools and exhibitions with our non-profit organization, the Forum Traiani, free exhibitions and education projects.

Also the social commitment of the Roman  Shop and the the biopackaging is our belief and form for our products, from a bygone era, the sustainable framework.

With each and every product we carry and the preservation of our valuable and unique culture.

Past lives!

And will continue to exist in all of our lives, bring us forward, as we look back and rejoice in history. We want to create with our Roman Shop an awareness of history and  build for young and old storys to a comprehensible piece of life!

Come and discover with us the stories behind all of our history!

Enjoy and have fun: Your team of the Roman Shop

Römer Shop Manuela Pries Andreas Hopson

Manuela Priess

  • For over 14 years, with the production of Roman hairstyles and wigs portable familiar (hairdresser). 
  • Many well known museums had her works for permanent exhibitions. National Museum in Bolzano, Winkelmann Museum Stendal, Villa Borg in Perl / Borg, museums in Luxembourg and Belgium.

Andreas Hopson

  • Deutscher-Archäologen-Verband e.V.
  • West-und Süddeutscher Verband für Altertumsforschung e.V.
  • Phoenix Pompeji e.V. in Cooperation with Soprintendenza Neapel, Italien

Specialism:  Antique mosaics crafts

The Roman Shop 

And who wants to know how the Roman Shop looks like is shuttled to make his own impression. Here are a few recent pictures of our production and warehouse.

Der Römer Shop Lager Römer Shop Holzwerkstatt

Römer Lager Römer Lager

Römer Lager Römer Lager

Römer Shop Versand Römer Lager