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Egyptian god Thoth cardboard kit, deity for teachers and scientists.

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Egyptian God Thoth - ruler over all books

A deity with great knowledge, loving precision and law

The Egyptian god Thoth served as spokesman and messenger to all other gods of Upper Egypt. He was unified with A’an, the baboon god of equilibrium, inheriting many of his characteristics and sometimes bearing the head of a baboon, else he is depicted with the head of an ibis. So both animals are devoted to him. Thoth ruled over all books, was believed to have invented writing and protected libraries containing scriptures holy to him. This god figured as patron of all scribes, overseeing all kinds of wisdom.

Thoth as regulator of everything and everybody

Echoing his former form as god of equilibrium, Thoth promoted precision in every regard, invented languages for all nations and provided them with legislation. He determined the rules for social life and knew of all secret knowledge. To his responsibilities belonged the right observation of cult rites, magic prescriptions and what rules had to be followed for ensuring success. In one word: he was the head of wisdom itself! No wonder to him a substantial might over human beings and all things was associated. The physicians saw in him their supreme adviser and protector of all sciences. He was supposed to have invented the universe and calculations how it functioned, while the maintaining of all this was business of his female counterpart Ma’at.

  • very durable paper handcrafting material
  • medium difficulty level
  • contains two sheets for construction
  • suitable for elementary school age, 6 years and up

A genius for righteous verdicts and exact mathematics

During the period of the Egyptian ‘Old kingdom’ Thoth as the former moon god was a significant deity. For each person entering the netherworld he had to measure the weight of the heart and find if you had been a righteous person or not, he logged events and gave many kings a prolonged rule if they were good. His business was also to fix contracts of all kinds and act as a judge where his assumed total justice and righteousness could be applied most effectively. To his duties belonged the observation of the calendar, before he assumed the role of a secretary to all deities.

Conscientious and wise

As patron of magicians Thoth had to look after religion and their earthly structures as well, the sacred temples and all building of ritual value. You could not beat him in calculating things as he was the god of mathematics, what brought him into most anything which required numbers and geometry. There were no secrets in spellcraft and magic that were unknown to Thoth in ancient Egypt, rendering him an unparalleled power which anyway did not seduce him into abuse.

Show your pupils or students all about Egyptian magic when referring to its deity, Thoth, by help of this great instruction material, the cardboard kit of god Thoth. Probably never before your audience had enjoyed a lesson like this, creative and unusual, something different and new. All of you, teacher and recipients, will likewise have their fun with our charming teaching material.

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