Kantharos with burls and thread support

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An exceptional decorative Roman kantharos.

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Roman Kantharos with prunts

The Kantharos in Greece and Rome

As early as the 8th century BC, the kantharos was used in Greece as a drinking cup. The two shown opposite, with handles raised above the cup rim, are typical examples.
The god Dionysus is often depicted with a kantharos, and from the 4th century BC., kantharoi are often found as grave goods, as offerings used in sacrificial rituals, or as tributes made to a deity. Kantharoi of this period were made of ceramic materials.

  • dimensions approximately 12 x 10cm
  • each piece is unique
  • date: 4th century BC

First-century Rome – increased glass production

Kantharoi were made in Rome from the 2nd century BC., and often fashioned from glass. In the first century, glass production increased and glasswork then became more affordable. As a result, new shapes appeared and although the glass was not clear it had an irresistible charm. Makers experimented with handles of different lengths and shapes, often adding a small plate on which to rest a weary thumb. The kantharos usually had a foot, though some were also made without.
Techniques became more sophisticated in Late Antiquity, and the glass was painted or decorated with appliqués and prunts.

Kantharos with prunts and decorative threading

This hand-made kantharos was created by experienced glass-blowers in a glasswork factory where every finished piece is a unique item of special value. It is decorated with blue prunts and fine glass threading.
A kantharos inspired by an original model dating back to the 4th century BC.
It measures 12 x 10 cm.

A very special Roman cup

This kantharos is an exceptionally beautiful piece. The clear glass, combined with the green of its delicate foot and the sweep of its handles, gives a feeling of freshness and purity, and there is a real touch of Spring about this little treasure. The lyrical flow concludes with delicate loops at the rim of the vessel.
This small kantharos is a distinctive piece, created by modern craftsmen dedicated to the fine art of blowing ancient glasswork to delight the beholder.

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