English text Scrolls

Here are translated latin scrolls on real papyrus. The Latin texts in their english translation, printed on Egyptian papyrus, inspire antique fans and students of history and Latin lessons.

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The scroll of the Roman Emperor Augustus

A fine example of a Roman scroll with a text about the first Roman Emperor Augustus, is taken from a work by Suetonius.

A truly hand crafted antique book

Gaius Suetonius Tranquillus (70 A.D. to approximately 130/140 A.D.), was a famous Roman writer and civil servant. He became known through his biographies of Roman Emperor, in which he critically describes their lifes from the dictator Caesar up to the Roman Emperor Domitian. The scroll is comingwith a English translation and is hand-crafted from genuine Egyptian Papyrus, made in our own workshop. All sheets of papyrus are individually glued together and attached to a wooden bar with shaped ends. The book is a real eye-catcher.

Antiquity to touch

These ancient forms of the book can be both entertaining and enriching for the study of history and the culture of Roman writing. The unusual formats will give a fresh access and perspective on known works and are particularly suitable for class room work.