Sword templar, 66cm, crusader weapon with branding

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The children's sword is made of sturdy wood and has a fire embossing in the shape of a Templar cross.

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66,00 cm

Quality from DE pays off!

The Templar Knight Sword, made in a traditional family business from Bavaria, is handmade and therefore a perfect unique specimen made of wood. The used regional materials are of highest quality. The handle is wrapped with cord for an optimal hold during the sword guidance. The colours are sweat and saliva resistant according to DIN EN 71 and the Landesgewerbeanstalt Bayern awarded the product with the CE seal of approval.

  • 66 cm length
  • Proven quality 'Made in Germany
  • Unique specimen from traditional craftsmanship
  • Use of high-quality and harmless materials

Defeat your enemies in battle!

You and your comrades wait impatiently for the advancing troops from the east. The atmosphere is tense. Only recently, on the orders of the commander, the best blacksmiths of East Prussia were called together to develop and forge an even better, even deadlier sword worthy of the hands of a knight! Finally you hold it in your hand.
At the dummies on the training range you still trained with the old swords, but now you have a better and more devastating weapon at your disposal in battle. Listen! The enemies are here! You take a stand on your positions. You're not afraid - after all, the best sword in the world is between you and your opponent!

Suitable for everyone six years and older

Whether LARP, re-enactment, medieval exhibitions or for the little one who wants to play in the garden: With the Templar Knight Sword you are well prepared for the most different challenges. The authentic fire embossing shows the Templar Cross, which is known all over the world. The sword is of the highest quality - connoisseurs can see it at first sight. Expand your knight's garb with an impressive Templar sword, which impresses comrades on the one hand and makes enemies tremble with fear on the other.

Worth knowing about the Templar Order

The Order of the Temple was a religious order of knights founded around 1119 A.D. to protect the travelling Christian pilgrims from Europe to Jerusalem. He was directly subordinate to the Pope and united the ideals of the noble knighthood with those of the monks. This was new and so 'The Poor Knighthood of Christ' during the Crusades was an elite military unit, the first and original task of which was to secure the roads of the Holy Land.

The first headquarters of the Knights Templar, a wing of his palace, now the Al-Aqsa Mosque on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, stood where the Basilica of St Mary had been 505 years earlier. It had been built on the foundations of Solomon's temple and so the order gave itself the surname 'Knighthood of Solomon's Temple at Jerusalem'. Later only briefly called 'Templars'. They became more and more influential and finally formed a state within a state with all privileges. Thus they had become almost untouchable for secular rulers.

The Order was a thorn in the side of the French King Philip IV. In the past, the order was first and foremost Christian and only in second place subject of a king, so the structures changed with the increasing strength of the kingdoms. The conflict came to a head. On 13.10.1307 ('Black Friday') all Templars were captured in FR. In April 1312, the Order of Pope Clement V was finally dissolved.

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