Self-made Mosaics

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Mosaic art, as it was then

You want to get a part of the past home? You want to know how people felt at that time, while they created the mosaic works? Do you want to know how you feel when you create such a work of art and get a part of the past home with such a mosaic? There are many different ways you can do that. There are different ways to revive the story and dream back in the past to feel the special and exciting atmosphere of this time. With a Mosaic Ceraton class set, you have the possibility to create 25 different mosaic works of art yourself, leaving your imagination free, just as people did at that time. In the past, people did not necessarily have a template, but a theme to which they designed the mosaic art work. Feel like a mosaic artist of the past and design new and great mosaics, as then.

Mosaic art on presentation

If you prefer a template to create your own mosaic, the Cave Canem mosaic kit from Pompeii is suitable for you. With this mosaic, which you create with your own strength and in your own work, you create a mosaic, as it existed in Pompeii. They are working on a mosaic on which a person has worked at the time. Close your eyes, feel the different stones and imagine how you are sitting in a room in Pompeii and creating this particular mosaic. Feel the atmosphere of then and create this mosaic.

Mosaic made easy

Do not you have the patience to put a whole mosaic and to put the stones one by one on the plate? Then you have the choice from different mosaic templates, in which the stones are already indicated. You only have to paint the tiles as you like and then hang up. If you do not like your color selection, you can easily wash the tile under running water and start a new experiment. Even if you do not work with the stones and simply paint the panels, you will feel the atmosphere and the fascination. They have a part of the past in their hands and work on a part of the past. So you become a part of this mysterious and fabled time and will feel like a man of that time.

Mosaic without borders

Do you enjoy creating mosaic works like the people did? Do you feel the atmosphere that surrounds you while you work at the work? And can not you get enough of mosaics? Then you can easily and quickly supply replacement stones and continue designing your mosaics. Though you no longer have the work to strike the stones as it did then, you will still feel like the mosaic artists at that time. After you have created the mosaic, whether you have made it after submission or not, or whether you have just painted it - with your mosaic you created, you have revived a part of the past and become a part of it The past time. Each time you look at the mosaic, you can close your eyes and dream back to a time that is so mysterious and fabled. They will become a part of the past and have created a mosaic, just as people have created in the past and handed us over these days. Be a part of the story and let it revive.