Relief gladiators graffiti, fight scene in an arena, ancient roman wall decoration

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A Gladiator fight scene from the 1st century AD, Pompeii.

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Gladiators graffiti with battle scene

A Gladiator fight scene from the 1st century AD, Pompeii. Who incised these graffiti into stone? People have been proud of gladiators, they were admired throughout the Empire.

The gladiators were originally carved by an enthusiastic follower of the Roman games into a wall. Today the city of Pompeii at the foot of the volcano Vesuvius lies their in ruins, following the outbreak of it in the first century. The graffiti shows the struggle between the freed Secutor (Hello), who won 13 times and came to life and Retiarius (albanus), Freedman of Scaurus, who celebrated 19 victories.

  • Dimensions: 19x17cm
  • Rear suspension
  • Real Alabaster plaster, patina

Types of Gladiators

The Secutor was among the heavily armed Gladiators. He was armed with a short sword, the Gladius. As protection, he wore a helmet, the shield of the Roman legionaries (Scutum), a hand and arm protection on the right arm (Manica) and a setting below the left knee brace. The helmet covered his face and was fitted with small vision slits, which considerably affected the field of vision. The Secutor was dressed with a loincloth (Subligaculum) and a belt (Balteus or Cingulum).

The Sword and the Gladiator

Gladiators (from the Latin gladius, a short sword) were in the ancient Rome professional fighters, who fought against each other in public entertainments. The battle of Gladiators is called Gladiatur. Gladiators fights were an integral part of Roman life by 264 BC and remained so until the beginning of the 5th century AD.

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This relief is brilliant, if you love Roman history having a little bit of a Roman replica graffiti from Pompeii is just a lovely thing to have in your fact I have bought many things from the Roman shop, all have been brilliant, true to the originals, you can use the cups and plates ( I do.) great company to deal with and speedy delivery. Highly recommended.

., 19.05.2017
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