Relief Venus - Aphrodite, light patina, 16x9cm, Roman Greek goddess of love and beauty in the house altar

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A special proof of love! Venus, the Roman goddess of love is the true gift for your home.

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Roman Venus Family Altar Replica

A special token of love: Give away the Roman goddess of love, Venus and her family altar!   
The goddess of love, desire and beauty is presented in an arc as a family altar, holding her breast with her right hand. The original dates back to the 1st c. AD at Pompeji.
Apart from the many forms of worship, which Venus enjoyed, she has a special significance as Venus genetrix, ancestress of the Roman people by her son Aeneas (Aeneadum mater). Specifically by the genus of the Julier, which is a direct descendant of her grandson Iulus by her grandson, the son of Aeneas, she was revered as family goddess. Julius Caesar built her a beautiful temple on the forum in 46 BC. Together with this magnificent temple he inaugurated the annual games  of the Saturnalia there. 
Also Gaius Octavius, called Augustus, referred to her. At the foot of the statue of armor Prima Porta we find a dolphin, the animal that is associated with Venus. The dolphin stood for love and philanthropy - philanthropic thinking and behavior. As mother goddess of the entire Roman people, Venus came next to the Roma of Hadrian, the temple that was completed in the year 135 AD, a double temple near the Colisseum (later, the templum Urbis). The 1st of April was a sacred day for Venus, where she was worshiped by the Roman matrons in addition to Fortuna Virilis (goddess of fortune of women for men) and the Concordia as Venus Verticordia. 

  • Pompeii 1st c. AD 
  • Dimensions of the family altar 16x9cm 
  • Genuine alabaster patinated

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