Relief Fortuna - Tyche, bright Paptina, 35x20cm, roman greek luck and fate goddess

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Beautifully framed goddess Fortuna, shown in the chiton and cloak. She wears a tiara on her head.

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Fortuna - beloved and revered

and this already in the 6th century BC.

It is not surprising that King Servius Tullius ( died 534 B.C. and probably 6th King of Rome ) dedicated 26 temples to the goddess Fortuna. Because if one can believe the legend, he was born as son of a slave, who made career by the favour of the goddess of fate, and ascended the Roman throne. She must have enchanted him when she paid him a visit and chose the window as the entrance, because - this too is probably only a legend - he then introduced her cult, which soon spread throughout the whole country.

  • Relief size ca 35x20cm
  • Place of discovery: Germania superior, Walhein, Ludwigsburg district
  • Original in the Landesmuseum Stuttgart 
  • Suspension at the back of the fortunarelief

Fortuna Temple in Rome

It seems to have been something of a market niche, because cult sites of the goddess Fortuna soon existed throughout the empire, in Rome, Antium and Lazio. 30 Fortuna temples are only known in Rome, one of them on the Via Campana, beyond the Tiber. But not only Servius Tullius worshipped the goddess, demonstrably they worshiped private individuals, legionnaires, consuls and emperors alike. On the Mars field, near the Porta Triumphalis, Augustus and Domitian had a temple built for Fortuna.

Fortuna was beautiful, serene, cheerful, loved and venerated a thousand times over.

Her lucky powers were requested and implored. People always have desires, are in distress and need help. Who might it have been who turned to them and implored them to pour out their horn of plenty? It has been more than two millennia since her sacrifice was made and she was pleaded to give happiness, to bring success and to give a decisive turn to fate.

June 24 was her big day. Fors Fortuna was honoured on the Via Campana and on the Tiber. A splendid procession, boats decorated with wreaths, went down the Tiber, past the sanctuaries, wine was drunk and laughed. The train also passed the salt lakes, which is why it is assumed that Fortuna also protected the salt transport.

She was depicted with a cornucopia horn, ball and rudder. From Isis she took over the moon disk and the Caduceus. Also farmers and sailors turned to the goddess, because she steered the destiny on land and sea.

The beautifully framed relief shows the goddess in chiton and cloak. On her head she wears a diadem, in her right she holds the rudder, in her left the cornucopia.

Is there anyone who doesn't need luck?

The little goddess Fortuna is a wonderful gift for everyone who wishes happiness.

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