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Tinder made from real Reed Mace

Tinder made from real Reed Mace

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49,80 € per 100 g
Roman Ceramic Cup in Red Clay

Roman Ceramic Cup in Red Clay

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Apiciuss Roman spiced white wine

Apicius's Roman spiced white wine

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Roman linen belt Herringbone - natural colour

Roman linen belt Herringbone - natural colour

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Roman Sundial Necklace

Roman Sundial Necklace

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Reenactment is more than just a fashion fade or a trend. Reenactment is more than a mere hobby. Reenactment can become a second life. Whereas the authentic reliving or reenacting of history is of the utmost importance.
One is easily able to reenact all eras ? it does not matter if you want to portray an Napoleonic soldier or a medieval merchant. The possibilities are just as numerous and colorful as our European history itself.
Reenactment as a cultural phenomenon does not derive from current US trends but is as old as time itself. Even our own ancient ancestors already did it! For example: People during Roman antiquity liked to dress up as their Etruscan forefathers and reenact famous battles or other historical instances. A nice tradition that survived until this very day.

What Do I Need For A Good Reenactment?

To be truly worthy of the title of reenactor it is of great importance to put great emphasis on even the tiniest of details. To be completely able to relive an epoch it is necessary to pay great attention to historical authenticity. So, no shortcuts allowed! It does not matter what is convenient and what is not, it is important to act just like our forefathers did.
If you want to really immerse yourself you need to utterly and completely dive into history ? real history that is. Prejudices and pop cultural view of history do not belong to a good reenactment session. Even minor mistakes and errors can spoil the whole fun ? so stay true to the whole experience and keep up appearances all the way through.
One of the most important factors to consider is the equipment. You need to choose the right attire and the right assessoir to go with it. Clothing is one of the main factors ? but also other factors like jewelry, tools, furniture, decoration and raw resources are important. If you want to make your journey through time really authentic and memorable then you have no other chance but to be as true to the historical truth as possible.

A toga alone does not make you a Roman and a chain mail shirt does not make you a knight. You need more than that and that's where this shop comes in to help you.
Here you can choose from a grand array of authentic historical replicas spanning over many eras. If you are looking for a ready to wear tunic or a the fabric to sew it up yourself ? everything is available. Even so objects of the daily life like cutlery, tableware, lamps and lights, baskets satchels, boxes and even groceries. Everything a reenactor could ever dream of is readily available in our store!